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World Peace not guaranteed till resolution of Palestine,Kashmir disputes

OFF THE RECORD United States of America with the active participation of United Kingdom and their other allies first destroyed Iraq on false presumptions of...

Reality in Health Servicesauthored by Shaukat Ali Jawaid

The book titled “Reality in Health Services” has been written by Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid an eminent medical journalist of Pakistan. It is the...

The Masked Young GirlDr. Munawar Aziz MCPS*

A masked young girl accompanied by her mother came for consultation about her acne, her face totally covered by acne in different stages of...

Majority of population has beendeprived the pleasure of Cinema which now only elite can...

Brig A.R. Siddiqi used his Pen to serve the country not the Gun-Wajid JawadRomantic personality of Brig.Siddiqui is also reflected in the book-Saeed Allawala KARACHI:...

Pharma Doctors Nexus

KARACHI: Relationship between members of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical trade and industry remains under discussion all over the world, Pakistan being no...


Formal launch meetings in variouscities well attended by literary figures,poets and healthcare professionals

ISLAMABAD: PharmEvo known for its commitment to socially responsible initiatives and ethical marketing has been publishing Thematic Calendar for the last twenty five years. The Thematic Calendar 2024 highlights the twelve languages spoken in...

Meeting thePro-MaliksDr. Aysha Zaheer

In June 2023, I had a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On the top of my bucket list was the plan to meet Prof Dr Alam Sher Malik and Prof Dr Rukhsana Hussain...

Survival benefit of augmentation therapy for people with the genetic lung condition AATD

Boosting levels of a deficient protein has clear survival benefits for people with the genetic condition alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD), according to new research led by RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences. The...

Golf, walking and Nordic walking may enhance cognitive function in elderly

Playing a single 18-hole round of golf or completing 6 km of either Nordic walking or regular walking may significantly improve immediate cognitive function in older individuals, according to a recent study published in...

Shark Tank Neurology MOU between PSN and PharmEvo Research Forum

KARACHI: Shark Tank Neurology MOU signing Ceremony was held between PharmEvo Research Forum & Pakistan Society of Neurology at 23rd International Neurology Update held in Karachi recently. PharmEvo Research Forum has signed a Memorandum of...

Workshop on Abridge exam for MS Obs/Gyne students

LAHORE: A preparatory workshop on Abridge exam for MS Obs/Gyne students was conducted at Lady Aitchison Hospital KEMU Lahore on 20th Jan 2024 under chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Meher un Nisa. Vice Chancellor KEMU...

Tobacco use declines despite tobacco industry efforts

GENEVA: Globally there are 1.25 billion adult tobacco users, according to the latest estimates in the World Health Organization (WHO) tobacco trends report published recently. Trends in 2022 show a continued decline in tobacco...

SOGO & PRF sign MOU to promoteresearch & set up Cervical Cancer Registry

KARACHI: Society of Gynecology Oncology (SOGO) and PharmEvo Research Forum (PRF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote research and establish a Cervical Cancer Registry. The ceremony took place at the Sindh Governor...

FEMGPT Kiosk Installed at FatimaJinnah Medical University

LAHORE: Marking a significant leap in healthcare advancement, PharmEvo has installed the second FEMGPT Kiosk at the Gynecology Department of Fatima Jinnah Medical University (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) in Lahore. Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, Health...


Threatening, Nastyemails from authors for quick publication. This refers to “Off the Record” column with above mentioned title published in Pulse International of January 15th 2024. It’s sad to know how authors behave. How they...

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