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Doctors should learn clinical skills and fundamental principles of Ethics and Human Compassion

Students should be encouraged to uphold principles of sincerity, honesty & Diligence-Justice M.Ameer Bhatti By Prof. Mulazam Hussain Bukhari

LAHORE: The white coat ceremony is an important event in the life of a medical student. It is a symbolic ceremony that marks the beginning of a student’s clinical career. During the ceremony, the student puts on a white coat, which represents the integrity and commitment to patient care. The ceremony instills in the students a sense of responsibility and professionalism, and it also serves as a reminder of the importance of the physician’s role in patient care. It is a significant milestone in a student’s education and career journey as a doctor.

Prof. Mulazam Hussain Bukhari

White Coat Ceremony held on January 22, 2024, marked the admission of 325 meritorious MBBS students to King Edward Medical University. Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Muhammad Ameer Bhatti, graced the occasion with his presence and administered the oath to the students for the 2024 session. He inaugurated the event by outfitting the first-year MBBS students in their white coats. He congratulated the students and emphasized the privilege of being admitted to the prestigious King Edward Medical University for medical education. He stressed the significance of acquiring not only advanced clinical skills but also fundamental principles such as ethics and human compassion.

Furthermore, the Chief Justice highlighted the challenges and rewards of the medical profession and encouraged the students to uphold principles of sincerity, honesty, and diligence. He also underscored the importance of learning basic principles such as ethics and humanitarianism. In his speech he also shed light on patriotism and humanity in the context of serving the society. Addressing the student, he said that “Today’s event marks the beginning of a new journey in your lives. I am confident that after your time at this University, you will contribute to public health, patient care, and the service to ailing humanity.” He commended the institution’s rich history and conveyed hope for its continued growth as a center for medical research and excellence, both nationally and internationally.
During the event an interesting video highlighting the 163-year history and current developments of King Edward Medical University was also shown to the participants.

Professor Saira Afzal welcomed the guests, and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayaz delivered an emotional speech, emphasizing the importance of boosting morale among the students. He expressed the hope that King Edward Medical University will continue to uphold merit and this year too, all the new admissions were made on merit and they were selected from all over the province. He warmly welcomed the new students, commencing the ceremony with the traditional Islamic greeting, “Assalam Alaikum” and underscored the significance of medical education and patient service, drawing on references from the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He also highlighted the parents’ pivotal role in the students’ achievements, emphasizing their hard work and dedication.

Professor Mahmood Ayaz encouraged the students to uphold the same level of diligence and commitment as their parents, envisioning a future where they achieve high positions and become stalwarts in their respective specialties. Acknowledging the era of artificial intelligence, he urged the students to acquire skills that will garner global recognition and enable them to highlight Pakistan’s name with distinction worldwide. Ultimate purpose of their lives should be to serve humanity in distress.

He also pointed out that all the old Mayo Hospital wards, including the Basic Sciences buildings, are undergoing renovation while preserving the historical architecture, as they are considered to be heritage sites. Additionally, the new 1,000-bed hospital and the new KEMU building on Narwal Road will also adopt the same architectural style as the historical structures of King Edward Medical University, serving as a testament to the institution’s 163-year history and culture.

Addressing the students, he said that while the institution excels in knowledge and skills, its educated individuals also serve as exemplary role models in fundamental principles such as literature, culture, ethics, and human compassion. He concluded his address by reciting the final verse of Allama Iqbal’s poem “Hamdardi.”

Justice Shahram Sarwar Chaudhary also shared words of wisdom with the new students, emphasizing that the medical profession embodies a notable example of humanitarianism that they should never forget. The ceremony was well-attended by eminent medical personalities including faculty members, principals of medical colleges.


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