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Professional Medical Publications is the premier medical publishing house in Pakistan. Its founders have been active in the filed of medical journalism since 1966. It has two renowned publications to its credit: “PULSE” International, a fortnightly medical Views-paper and “PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES” (PJMS), a peer reviewed bi-monthly medical journal being published since 1984. Both the publications have online editions, regularly updated soon after the publication of each issue. Their respective websites are:


“Pulse” International

“PULSE” International is Pakistan’s most widely read medical Views-paper published every fortnight. It is edited by Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid, the senior most medical journalist of the country with almost forty years of experience in medical journalism. “PULSE” International was previously known as ‘DOCTOR’ International till December 31st 1999.
“PULSE” has a print order, which varies from 7 to 8 thousand copies every fortnight and its multiple readership runs into thousand of healthcare professionals all over Pakistan & abroad. Apart from the healthcare professionals, copies of PULSE are sent regularly to executives in the Pharma industry in different departments i.e. Medical, Marketing, Production, Quality Control, dealers in laboratory instruments, electro medical equipment, officials in Provincial Health Departments and Federal Health Ministry. We have an efficient mailing network whereby healthcare professionals in important medical institutions in the public sector as well as Army Healthcare facilities, the tertiary care institutions are provided copies through courier service and special distribution network. Rest of the copies are mailed to the members of the medical profession all over Pakistan on rotation basis. About one hundred copies are also mailed to important medical personalities, institutions in UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Bangladesh, India, Sir Lanka & Egypt besides WHO offices. We concentrate on detailed, accurate and complete coverage of scientific proceedings of seminars, symposia and medical conferences held in Pakistan keeping up professional ethics. On special invitation many important international medical conferences are also covered for the benefit of our readers to keep them abreast with latest developments in medicine & healthcare. This distinguishes us from other medical periodicals because we have a professional approach; hence we are a bit different.

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

It is a peer reviewed medical journal published regularly since 1984. It was previously known as quarterly “SPECIALIST” till December 31st 1999. It publishes original research articles, review articles, current practices, short communications & case reports. It attracts manuscripts not only from within Pakistan but also from over fifty countries from abroad.

Copies of PJMS are sent to all the import medical libraries all over Pakistan and overseas particularly in South East Asia and Asia Pacific besides WHO EMRO Region countries. Eminent members of the medical profession at home and abroad regularly contribute their write-ups, manuscripts in our publications. We pursue an independent editorial policy, which allows an opportunity to the healthcare professionals to express their views without any fear or favour. That is why many opinion makers among the medical and pharmaceutical profession use this publication to communicate their viewpoint.

Our Mission

We have always remained at the forefront taking up controversial issues which effects health services in general besides undergraduate, postgraduate medical education, teaching and training in particular. In-depth study of issues connected with the health sector and investigative medical reporting is our specialty. These reports are regularly published in “PULSE”. Often our constructive criticism, critical reports have achieved their desired objectives. Our efforts are appreciated by all those who want to know nothing but the WHOLE TRUTH behind all that is happening in the health sector. Our patrons who recognize and value merit have helped us to further improve and set new standards in the field of medical journalism in Pakistan. We are also determined to make “PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES” has now emerged as a leading peer reviewed journal from this region.

The Editorial Team

Our Chief Editor Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid has a rare distinction of being one of the well-respected & recognized professional in the field of medical journalism. His credentials include:

Founder President of Pakistan Medical Journalists’ Association

Member, British Medical Journalists’ Association

Founder Member of National Bio-Ethics Committee, (retired in 2014) after serving there for ten years.

General Secretary, Pakistan Aspirin Foundation

Vice President at large Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME)

He is frequently invited as a guest speaker and facilitator at workshops & seminars by various medical institutions and specialty organizations. He has authored and co-authored numerous books on different topics which are:

1. The Whole Truth

2. Beyond The Whole Truth

3. The Naked Truth

4. Conscience Calls

5. Keeping the Conscience Alive

6. Aspirin: The Life-saving miracle drug (English)

7. Medical Ethics in the Contemporary Era

8. Medical Men and Women of Pakistan

9. Medical Writing

10. What Editors Demand and What Authors Want to Know

11. Conscience Speaks

12. REFLECTIONS: Case Histories of interaction between Medical Press and the Pharma Industry.

13. Why Create Ripples?

14. Proceedings National Conference on Medical Editing

15. Some More Ripples

16. EMMJ5 Conference Proceedings.

17. MEDICAL WRITING: Basic Definitions and Some Useful Information


19. Thought Provokers

20. Aspirin- the lifesaving miracle drug (In Urdu)

21. Plight of a Medical Editor: An autobiography.

22. Combination of Acid & Honey

23. Scientific Writing: A Guide to the Art of Medical Writing and Scientific Publishing

We in the Professional Medical Publications were  fortunate to have the guidance of our Founder Editor-in-Chief, late Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary, an eminent Physician with special interest in Cardiology and author of numerous books for many years who died in March 22, 2015. He was former Vice-President of Asia-Pacific Society of Cardiology, former President of Pakistan Society of Physicians & Pakistan Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians. His deep insight & interest in all areas of healthcare including pharmaceuticals remained a great source of strength for the editorial team at Professional Medical Publications. To recognize his services, we have now instituted Maqbool Jafary Training Scholarship for Junior Editors (worth Rs. 25,000/-) for training in the art of medical editing and science of scientific publishing.

We are supported by eminent medical personalities in the medical profession nationally & internationally as members of our editorial board. Their advice & wise comments for the improvement of the standard of “PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES” is a continued source of strength.

Our reviewers & referees do a commendable job to help us improve scientific standards of the contents of the articles. They are there because of their experience, active participation & willingness to devote time. We are indebted to them for their efforts.

Dr. Masood Jawaid Associate Editor is In charge of Internet Editions. He maintains online editions of “PULSE” International as well as “PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES”. Mr. Mubarak Ali looks after the production of both these publications & is also In charge of the logistics as well as circulation network in which he is ably assisted by the support staff. Mr. Zahid Hussain’s expertise at the computer network ensures that both our publications are printed on time. Mr. Nauman maintains meticulous records of all the manuscripts received from authors for publication submitted direct on  PJMS website through e Journal system besides maintaining an up-to-date track record of manuscripts sent to reviewers & referees for peer review.

The Recognition

Our services in the field of medical journalism have been widely recognized and appreciated not only by the Government authorities but a large number of professional specialty organizations as well who have honored us with commemorative Shields and Awards on different occasions. We also  have the honour of being the recipient of the National Award in Medical Journalism offered by National Academy of Medical Sciences in 1996.

Updated October 16, 2019