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World Peace not guaranteed till resolution of Palestine,Kashmir disputes


United States of America with the active participation of United Kingdom and their other allies first destroyed Iraq on false presumptions of Weapons of Mass Destruction and have later continued their activities against many other Muslim countries particularly in the Middle East. Now they are silent spectators of atrocities, genocide being committed in Palestine by Israel. The Jewish forces have bombed hospitals, ambulances, shelters, high rise building killing thousands of innocent people including women and children and there is still no end to it. The population remains deprived of water and electricity and other essential services. Hurdles are also created in supply of food items and drugs in Ghaza. All this goes on under the patronage of United States and its allies, hence they now have no moral grounds to give sermons on human rights, moral values, and ethics as almost every principle of War has been ignored during this ongoing conflict. The horrifying pictures, images telecast by electronic media has affected a large number of population in the West as well who no longer approve their Governments policies in Palestine and Kashmir.

If they feel that through such military strikes they will achieve peace, they are sadly mistaken. They must remember violence breeds violence. The Palestinian children who survive this massacre will remember this all their lives and naturally think of taking revenge which will ensure that the area remains under constant conflict. Unless the two most important issues of the Muslim World i.e of Palestine and Kashmir are resolved as per United Nations resolutions, there is absolutely no danger of peace and the world will continue to pay a heavy price for all this. The recent Covid19 pandemic has showed that no one is safe unless everyone is safe.

This also provides an opportunity for the Muslim world to do some soul searching, try to become self-sufficient in all respects, have strong economies so that they can have and pursue independent foreign policy, independent trade policy and take decisions which are in their best national interests rather than being at the mercy of financial institutions like World Bank and International Monetary Fund. It calls for increased trade, exchange and transfer of technology benefiting from each other’s expertise. By pooling their human and financial resources, the Muslim World is capable of doing wonders provide its leadership wakes up and we stop interfering in each other’s internal affairs. Every citizen has to contribute its share in strengthening the national economy. Let us start practicing it ourselves rather than waiting for others to follow. Never give up and don’t lose hope, keep the spirit alive, the success may not be far off.


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