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Formal launch meetings in variouscities well attended by literary figures,poets and healthcare professionals

ISLAMABAD: PharmEvo known for its commitment to socially responsible initiatives and ethical marketing has been publishing Thematic Calendar for the last twenty five years. The Thematic Calendar 2024 highlights the twelve languages spoken in Pakistan. The formal launch meetings were organized in various cities of Pakistan which were very well attended by literary figures, writers, poets besides eminent members of the medical profession.
These thematic calendars are an iconic legacy of PharmEvo and draw inspiration from the iconic heroes, the achievements of our ancestors, and our rich and glorious language and history. They also reflect the company’s dedication to promoting literary activities and commitment to enhancing the mental and physical well-being of the society.

Poet Ajmal Siraj conducting Mushaira during formal launch ceremony of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar at Islamabad. Sitting on the dais are
Dr. Inam ul Haq Jameel and Iftikhar Arif.

The theme for the 2024 calendar holds special significance as it not only reinforces PharmEvo’s commitment to celebrating culture and language but also celebrates and promotes the linguistic heritage of Pakistan. This edition pays homage to the beauty of our nation by showcasing the richness of all 12 regional languages, reflecting the diversity that unites us. The physical launches across Pakistan were accompanied by Mushairas attended by the doctors, literary enthusiasts, poets, and members of the medical fraternity.

The meeting at Islamabad was organized on December 16th 2024. The event was graced by luminaries like renown poet Mr. Iftikhar Arif., Vice Chancellor Health Services Academy, Dr. Shahzad Ali khan, Ajmal Siraj, Inam ul Haq Javed, Afzal Khan.

Khalid Masood, Aziz Shahid, Ahmed Rizwan photographed during formal
launch ceremony of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar at Multan.

Deputy CEO PharmEvo Mr. Syed Jamshed Ahmed, shared the vision behind thematic calendars. He emphasized the hard work that goes behind making this artistic piece each year, reinforcing the company’s commitment to promoting literature among the masses. Of the estimated 68 languages spoken in Pakistan, 12 have popular literary contributions and poetic collections.

Group Photograph taken at the formal launch ceremony of PharmEvo
Thematic Calendar at Islamabad shows Afzal Khan, Dr. Inam ul Javed,
Syed Jamshed Ahmed Deputy CEO PharmEvo, Iftikhar Arif,
Prof. Shahbaz, Ajmal Siraj and others.

Mr. Asadullah Khan, Executive Director, Riphah International University also shared his views. He opined that empathetic attitude and polite communication by doctors play a vital role in a patient’s recovery. It also distinguishes successful practitioners from those who fail to establish rapport with the patients. He emphasized the need for medical practitioners to be well versed in multiple regional languages to be able to facilitate the patients the best way possible.

Mr. Iftikhar Arif commended PharmEvo for its successive calendar launches which are attended by a large number of people each year. Ajmal Siraj, Iftikhar Arif, Inaam Javed, Afzal Khan shared their poetry in the mushaira which was lauded by all in attendance.
The meeting at Multan was also organized on December 16th 2024.The mushaira enthralled the audience. The poets Ahmed Rizwan, Khalid Masood and Riffat Abbas shared their captivating poetry which was lauded by all those present. It was well attended. Mr. Mansoor Khan Director Commercial PharmEvo thanked all those who graced the occasion with their presence.

Group Photograph taken at the formal launch ceremony of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar at Lahore shows Prof. Fareed Zafar, Khursheed Khan, Ajmal Siraj, Syed Jamshed Ahmed, Abbas Tabish, Prof. Javed Akram (Punjab Health Minister), Shakeel Jazib, Wasi Shah, Prof. Arshad Chohan, Prof. Mujtaba Hassan, Dr. Shehla Akram, Prof. Khalid Mehmood Khan, Prof. Israr ul Haque, Prof. Qazi Abdul Saboor, Dr. Khalid Jameel Akhtar and others.

The formal launch meeting at Lahore was organized on December 17th 2024. The event was attended by over four hundred guests from different segments of society. Ajmal Siraj, Abbas Tabish, Wasi Shah and Shakeel Jazib enthralled the audience with their poetry.
Addressing the participants, Syed Jamshed Ahmed introduced the Calendar 2024 that welcomes the New Year with a unique tribute to the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity in Pakistan. (PR)


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