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Workshop on Abridge exam for MS Obs/Gyne students

LAHORE: A preparatory workshop on Abridge exam for MS Obs/Gyne students was conducted at Lady Aitchison Hospital KEMU Lahore on 20th Jan 2024 under chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Meher un Nisa. Vice Chancellor KEMU Prof. Dr. Mehmood Ayaz who always supports academic activities at KEMU and its allied hospitals was Patron-in-chief, Dr. Uzma Hussain Dean Gynae Obs KEMU was Patron. Prof. Nadia khurshid joined as honourable guest. Dr. Zeeshan Sarwar Associate Prof Surgery Unit-1, Mayo Hospital Lahore was facilitator for surgical component of Abrigge exam.

Facilators of a workshop on Abridge exam for MS Obs/Gyne 
organized at KEMU, Lahore.

Workshop covered all aspects of Abridge exam, postgraduate residents were explained how to attempt MCQs by Prof. Meher un nisa and Dr Aleena Surwar followed by Video Projection Clinical Exam practice facilitated by Dr. Hifsa based on curriculum including both surgery as well as gynae/obs. Prof. Uzma Hussain and Prof. Meher un Nisa guided candidates about how to get through exam and explained all slides to residents. Prof. Meher un Nisa emphasized to continue this hybrid (vis WhatsApp and face to face) activity on daily basis through active participation by students.

Dr. Zeeshan Sarwar taught residents slides related to surgery and gave useful tips to ace through exam. More than 30 candidates from different hospitals participated and found it very useful. (PR)


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