Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Threatening, Nastyemails from authors for quick publication.

This refers to “Off the Record” column with above mentioned title published in Pulse International of January 15th 2024. It’s sad to know how authors behave. How they can legally challenge a journal? It is not a valid idea as I believe there’s no legal binding or agreement. Unless the journal makes false claims on website of 100% guarantee of quick publication, which is never the case.

You should have a code of conduct for authors also, and failing to comply that should lead to rejection of author’s submission. If they get their work done by force, our seniors should get them to learn manners and professionalism by force.

Dr. Bushra Anwar

This is such a true picture of what we have to face often as Editors. Authors not complying with the journal’s requirements, submitting completely redundant manuscripts and pressuring for immediate publication. Most of the local and some overseas papers that I see are best described by the Urdu adjective used for the retracted paper cited above.

Prof. Saba Sohail
Karachi - Pakistan.


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