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KARACHI: Relationship between members of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical trade and industry remains under discussion all over the world, Pakistan being no exception. This unholy alliance, it is alleged has resulted in lot of unethical practices for which both the parties can get credit as they have contributed their own share to the state of affairs at which we find ourselves today in Pakistan. However, I have always advocated, written and firmly believe that self-monitoring and accountability by the profession itself is the best solution which needs to be promoted rather than it being done by an outside agency which the profession will find extremely painful. Somehow it has not worked so far.

There is no death of conscious, God fearing, kind hearted physicians who practice ethical medicine and uphold professional ethics and similarly everyone in the pharma industry is also not a criminal. There are a few who practice ethical marketing.

Recently I was invited by one of the YouTube channels “Raftar Podcast” for a discussion on this topic which went on for almost two hours. After editing, they uploaded it on the YouTube on Sunday January 13th 2023. There are hundreds of comments on this discussion on the YouTube but I also received some comments directly from the members of the medical profession, pharma industry and some other interested members in the society. Here I am sharing some of those for the benefit of our readers:

Dear Shaukat, Salam
Thank you for posting your interview. You have effectively analyzed Pakistani health system. Your views on Sehat card economy, drug cycle, from preparation to prescription and CME, are commendable and are norm in developed countries, unfortunately not in Pakistan. Political governments here are suffering from ill-conceived notion of spending 80% on tertiary health to ease the disease burden. Your suggestion for the change in system shall come from within the medical profession. For to provide good health in the limited health budget the government must reorientate the budget for primary and preventive care. Effective advocacy to develop a will in politicians to spend on the universal health, and integrate current system is essential. You need appreciation for your relentless work in this direction.

Prof. Ghulam Asghar Channa
Former Vice Chancellor
SMBBMU, Larkana.

Final hurrah would be when you are asked to work in super movie with a character of respected journalist or head of state to arbitrage conflicts and put some sense into corrupt politicians. Well done Shaukat
Kindest regards

Latif Sheikh
Pharmacist, Karachi.

I listened to it to the very end. Bravo but this is how you always talk. Nothing has happened and nothing will happen in this country.

Prof. Luibna Baig Ansari
Former Pro VC JSMU , Karachi.

Very enlightening talk! I appreciate your courage in addressing a complex topic that nobody else could ever have, by fairly mentioning both the negative and the positive aspects of the pharmaceutical industry in our country. I am well acquainted with your ethical values and morals not only as a journalist but also as a human. You have always been honest and straightforward, regardless of the consequences. I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge you have shared with all of us.

Prof. Mariyah Hidayat
University of Lahore. Lahore.

It should not be generalized. Only few black sheep bring bad name to the profession.

Prof. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry

Your entire conversation in this interview was full of facts, truth and wisdom. Highly inspiring. The naked truth, only Shaukat Jawaid could reveal that.

Prof. Muhammad Aslam
Former VC UHS, Rawalpindi.

Bold, Blunt, Bare facts.

Prof. Ahmad Badar, Saudi Arabia.

Very bold and courageous.

Zazfar Hussain, Lahore.

Indeed an eye opening scenario.

Prof. Humaira Zafar

Bitter truth. Well done. Need to expose such unethical practices.

Prof. Sultan Ayub Meo , Saudi Arabia.

Extremely insightful.

Dr. Usman Mahboob, Peshawar.


Prof. Ambreen Usmani, Karachi.

Very bold and factual answers.

Prof.M. Ishaq , Karachi.

Mainstream media will never talk about such issues.

Great Sir. Nice and True
Prof. Mukhtiar Baig, Saudi Arabia.

No one can challenge them, and salute to you Sir.

Dr. Asif Hanif, University of Lahore.

It’s looking awesome. Just saw the initial part. Will see it fully and give my feedback.

Prof. Saba Tariq , London.

Excellent, well done.

Brig. Anwarul Haque, Lahore.

What a brilliant talk and honest review of medical community.

Prof. Imran Ali Sheikh, Hyderabad.

Speaking Haq when majority is either at NaHaq or is diplomatically shy to call a spade a spade is an example for the juniors and the need of the time. Certainly, things are getting totally out of control and some checks are needed.

Dr. Nadeem Zuberi, Saudi Arabia.

Sir, being vocal on these ethical issues really needs a lot of effort and courage. Indeed commendable. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Keep it up.

Ayesha Sarwat

It was an excellent analysis of our health system that how we are managing the health sector. The biggest challenge is who will correct this system?

Dr. Ziaul Islam

Excellent communication, let’s pray that something positive comes out of it.

Akhtar Ahmed, Karachi.

An eye opening scenario.

Prof. Naila Shahbaz

Sir it takes courage in this system to speak the truth.. Stay blessed Sir.

Afsheen , Lahore.

Glimpse or Eclipse.

A.U. Qureshi


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