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The Masked Young GirlDr. Munawar Aziz MCPS*

A masked young girl accompanied by her mother came for consultation about her acne, her face totally covered by acne in different stages of development i.e. papules, comedons, black and white heads along with occasional pustules. During talking about her skin problem she burst into tears saying that she was refused a prime job in an international NGO during her interview because of acne and after a number of marriage refusals she went in to severe depression.

Dr. Munawar Aziz

Such is the impact of this fairly common skin problem especially in young girls that they limit their social activities, hiding their face even from their colleagues. To add to their worries their skin gets worse by using un-ethical skin products advertised in print and social media.

Acne vulgaris, commonly referred to as acne, stands as one of the most prevalent skin conditions affecting males and females worldwide. Primarily occurring during adolescence, its presence isn’t limited to this age group, as it can persist into adulthood. This skin condition manifests through various forms, including blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts, primarily appearing on the face, chest, back, and shoulders. (because sebaceous glands are mostly situated in these areas).

The root cause of acne vulgaris often stems from the clogging of hair follicles by dead skin cells and an overproduction of oil by sebaceous glands. Factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, certain medications, and lifestyle choices may contribute to its development. Corynebacterium acnes and staphylococcus epidermis (bacteria) are often responsible.
Effective management of acne involves a multifaceted approach. Dermatological treatments like topical creams, specific oral antibiotics (tetracycline and macrolide group of antibiotics), and in severe cases, procedures like laser therapy or extraction can aid in controlling outbreaks. Additionally, adopting a balanced skincare routine, maintaining proper hygiene, and paying attention to dietary choices might also alleviate symptoms.

While acne vulgaris isn’t life-threatening, its impact on an individual’s self-esteem and mental well-being shouldn’t be underestimated. Antidepressants and counseling by psychotherapists must be considered in severely depressed patients.

  • Dr. Munawar Aziz
    Abbottabad, Pakistan.


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