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PM&DC earns recognition from World Federation of Medical Education ensuring standards

Members of the Council and some well-wishers of Pakistanin WHO
worked hard to accomplish this achievement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council has earned the recognition from the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) for the next ten years. Members of the committee who were working for this and some well-wishers of Pakistan in the World Health Organization played an important role to accomplish this achievement for which the leadership of the PM&DC and all others who have been working for this deserve to be complemented. It must have come as a great relief for the medical institutions in Pakistan because there were lot of reservations being expressed in the medical circles and everyone was worried why it was taking so much time.

Former and current President of World Federation of Medical Education were invited to Pakistan to attend medical education conferences numerous times during the last few years. It provided them an opportunity to see the developments taking place in this respect in Pakistan while they also shared their views as to what they expect from the regulatory bodies in Pakistan to ensure standards of medical education before they are given recognition. This face to face interaction proved quite useful and eventually the long wait for recognition came to an end.

President of PM&DC Prof. Rizwan Taj has congratulated all the stake holders and commended their efforts to achieve this historic accomplishment. This is no doubt a good news for the country and its medical institutions. Now PM&DC and WFME accredited all medical students will be able to pursue their postgraduate training and practice in any countries of the world which require WFME recognition. The recognition by WFME has a very rigorous criterion for inspection and recognition of regulatory bodies. It evaluates the compliance by the regulatory bodies of the desired standards. Its recognition signifies that we are meeting the Internaitonal benchmarks for quality and excellence. It also reflects the PM&DC’s commitment to provide robust and globally competitive medical education framework for aspiring healthcare professionals in Pakistan.

In his statement the President PM&DC Prof. Rizwan Taj said that “We are thrilled to receive recognition from WFME but we need to continue our efforts to elevate the standard of medical education in Pakistan. It opens new avenues for Internaitonal collaboration and also ensures that our medical graduates are well equipped to meet international standards. WFME’s guidance and support would immensely contribute to improving medical education standards in Pakistan. He also thanked Mr. Farzan Ali Internaitonal consultant on collaboration and recognition for his guidance and tireless efforts in expediting the complete recognition process in record time. Numerous medical colleges and medical universities have also contributed a great deal in achieving this recognition by organizing workshops and conferences on medical education. Now one hundred eighty-five existing medical colleges in Pakistan will become WFME accredited which will further enhance the quality and standard of medical education at par with the global best practices. PM&DC will continue to work closely with Internaitonal partners and stake holders to ensure the compliance and continuous improvement of medical education in Pakistan, he added.


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