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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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November 15-30, 2023
Volume 24 Number 22


Medical Institutions should focus on Character building, Ethics and Morality-Governor Punjab

LAHORE: Inaugurating the 7th Internaitonal Conference on Health Professions Education organized by University of Lahore Governor of Punjab Mr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman has called upon the medical institutions to focus on character building.



The CPSP Governance & Management Mechanisms with an eye to the future

The current structure of governance in the College is a legacy of the time when the fraternity was small and the specialties few in number. It served the College well and is the reason why the College.



Pakistan cannot afford the luxury of Robotic Surgery systems ignoring Primary Healthcare

KARACHI: The recent controversy regarding the multibillion rupees Robotic Surgery units’ tender has once again highlighted how the scarce financial allocations for health sector are misused.



Prof. Samad highlights the contributions of late Col. M.H. Shah and Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Cardiac Society Hyderabad Chapter organized a meeting at a local hotel on September 29th to present Appreciation Certificates to cardiologists serving in Hyderabad and other districts in rural Sindh province to recognize their services.

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