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Ten Postgraduates participate in poster competition on Research Day at PUMHSW

Dr. Ramzan earns first positon, Tooba Qadir second and Twinkl Kumari third and get prizes worth Rs. One lac, seventy-five and fifty thousand respectively

NAWABSHAH: Ten postgraduates participated in the poster competition organized during the First Ever Research Day celebrated by Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences here on May 15th 2024. The panel of experts which evaluated these posters and listened to the presentations by the participants included Prof. Abdul Qayyum Memon and Prof. Shams Uddin Sheikh Former Professors of Medicine at PUMHS besides some present faculty members. Interestingly the participants looked quite confident and responded to the various questions asked by the panel of experts.

Dr. Muhammad Ramzan whose poster was on “Efficacy of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Heart Failure to improve Ejection Fraction” earned the first position and also got prize of One lac rupees. Dr. Tooba Qadir whose poster was on “Frequency of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Type-II Diabetes Mellitus Patients” got second positon and prize of Rs. Seventy-five thousand while Dr. Twinkle Kumari got third positon and earned prize of Fifty thousand rupees. They were presented these awards by Prof. Gulshan Memon Vice Chancellor of PUMHS while members of the Experts panel were also present on this occasion.

Other presenters and the topic of their posters included Dr. Zakir Nawaz “ Cardiac manifestations in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases”, Dr. Aasia Qureshi “Albumin to Bilirubin score to predict 7-day mortality in patients admitted with cirrhosis”, Dr. Muhammad Awaiz Abbasi “Association between serum Vitamin-D levels and Hepatic encephalopathy”, Dr. Nadir Ali “Comparison of model for End Stage Liver Disease sodium score and model for End-Stage Liver Disease score in predicting in-hospital mortality in patients with End Stage Liver Disease – an observational study”, Dr. Priya Devi “ Frequency of anemia and its pattern in patients presenting with liver cirrhosis at tertiary care hospital Nawabshah”, Dr. Sorath “ The relationship between fatty liver grades and lipid profile in a cross-sectional study of Pakistani adults”, Dr. Tasmia “ Comparative analysis of different scoring systems for assessing disease severity and prognosis in chronic liver disease”. They were all presented appreciation certificates.

The research awards and prizes were sponsored by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals and the meeting was organized by PUMHS in collaboration with PharmEvo Research Forum. This initiative was taken by Dr. Anwar Ali Jamali Head of the Department of Medicine who is also the Editor of Journal of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women.


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