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Workshop on Perinatal Mental Health at KEMU

LAHORE: Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at King Edward Medical University organized a workshop on “Perinatal Mental Health- what are we missing” on June 7th 2024. Prof. Meher-un-Nisa was the chief organizer.

Prof. Mehmood Ayaz VC KEMU presenting a mementoe one of the participants durning the Workshop on Perinatal Mental Health organized at KEMU recently.

Prof. Mehmood Ayaz who was Patron-in-chief in his speech on the occasion emphasized the need of mental health awareness and highlighting this important topic and increasing its awareness since this topic is usually considered a societal taboo.

Dr. Khaula Tariq, Consultant psychiatrist and Academic Registrar at the Department of Paychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Mayo Hospital KEMU made a presentation which was a lively informative and interactive session. She discussed the topic in detail with real life patient case histories. She suggested establishing a Healthy Mother Child Welfare Clinic and screening for Perinatal mental problems following the Royal College guidelines. Prof .Dr Nadia Khurshid and Prof. Meher un Nisa supported the suggestion.

Facilitators Dr. Sadaf Mubeen, Dr. Saleha Ijaz and Dr. Aleena Sarwar gave an overview on the topic of “Post partum Blues”, “Post Partum Depression” and “Post Partum Psychosis” respectively and the session was concluded by the Summary presented by Dr. Tayyaba.
Earlier Prof. Meher-un-Nisa in her welcome address gave an overview of Perinatal mental health problems prevailing in our cultural setup and how they affect a mother’s wellbeing.


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