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PUMHSW will be made an international University in the coming years – Prof. Gulshan Memon

Faculty members are being sent for training overseas
at US universities and Centers of Excellence
Special initiatives underway to promote the research culture and
publications from faculty and postgraduates

NAWABSHAH (BENAZIR ABAD): We are trying to create facilities for training of our faculty overseas at United States Universities and Centers of Excellence overseas and plan to make it an international medical Univesity in the coming years. So far twenty two faculty members have completed training overseas and others are being sent in rotation. Special initiatives are also underway to promote research culture and publications from the faculty and postgraduates.

This was stated by Prof. Gulshan Memon, Vice Chancellor of Peoples University of Medical & Health Silences for Women. He was speaking at the concluding session of the First Ever Research Day organized at the university on May 17th 2024. It was very well attended by present faculty, some retired faculty members, postgraduates and final year MBBS class. Dr. Anwar Ali Jamali was the chief organizer of the meeting organized in collaboration with PharmEvo Research Forum which had sponsored this programme.

Prof. Gulshan Memon
Vice Chancellor PUMHS

Prof. Gulshan Memon further stated that we work as a family here at the university. We work as a team. I often visit clinical departments, meet the faculty members, postgraduates and medical students so that there is no compliant that the Vice Chancellor is not accessible. Basic Science faculty members are sent for six months training overseas while the clinical faculty is sent for three months. Financially we are not dependent on the government and have generated enough funds to meet our requirements. Addressing those present Prof. Gulshan Memon said that success comes from failures. Learn lessons from your mistakes and failures. Don’t lose patience and keep the spirit alive. Work with determination. He advised the students and postgraduates to start dreaming for their professional career so that you can realize those dreams in the days to come. He further urged all those present to use their energies in positive direction.

Postgraduates who participated in the poster competition photographed along-with some faculty members, guests and Vice Chancellor of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women Prof. Gulshan Memon at the concluding session of the Research Day celebrated on May 15th 2024.

Prof. Gulshan Memon further stated that we are trying to make it an international medical university. For that we are collaborating with some universities in United States and some centers of excellence overseas. HEC team recently visited the Univesity and were immensely impressed with our financial and academic discipline, modular curriculum and student teacher ratio which they felt was one of the best in the country. We have formed numerous societies in the university and wish to make sure that they are functioning and don’t become dormant. Similarly some societies of students have also been formed. We will create a special fund for Research and Publications and wish to promote research culture at the university and encourage publications.

Prof. Gulshan Memon said that currently our one hundred Alumni’s are working in United States while one hundred sixty are working in Europe. We are in contact with them and wish them to help the Univesity in whatever way they can. We will give them due respect. The institution was established in 1974 and we are now planning to organize its Golden Jubilee for which the Alumni will also be contacted and they will be involved in celebrations. People come and go, we need to educate our women and empower them only then the Nation can progress, he remarked. He suggested that Students Research Society should also be formed and we will give them funds for its functioning so that students start taking interest in research. His advice to the female medical students was that they should become Women of Value so that they can all contribute to the development of this institution and the country at large.

Mementoes being presented to Dr. Anwar Ali Jamali, Dr. Masood Jawaid and others facility Members by Prof. Gulshan Memon VC PUMHSW along with Prof. Shamsudidn Sheikh, during the Research Day meeting held on May 15th 2024.

Later he presented Awards and mementoes among those who earned First, Second and third position in the poster competition, besides guest speakers and members of the organizing committee.

Prof. Muhammad Ali Suhail Principal and Director Academics spoke on importance of undergraduate research, Prof. Ali Akbar Seyal Dean of Medicine and Allied discussed role of postgraduates in research. Prof. Ali Raza Brohi also spoke on the occasion.
Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs PharmEvo in his presentation highlighted the changes in policies for research by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan.
Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences discussed how to get published in an Impact Factor Journal. He first shared the information about the Impact Factor Journals from Paksitan which he said has now increased from three to twelve. He also recalled the history of starting training workshops and courses by Pakistan Association of Medical Editors.

Members of the Experts Panel evaluating the posters on the
Research Day at PUMHSW.

He laid emphasis that the authors must carefully read and follow the instructions for authors published in the journal in which they wish to submit their manuscript. Make sure that it is accompanied by proper Letter of Undertaking signed by all the listed author. Follow International Committee of Medial Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines on authorship and discourage gift authorship. They need to identify a problem and then try to find a cost effective indigenous solution. The authors should concentrate on local issues which will be preferred by journals for publication.

In order to ensure publication in an Impact Factor Journal, they need to select an innovative, unique topic. Me too studies, KAP studies and Survey reports are not entertained by leading Impact Factor Journals as it is considered as the lowest quality of research. Journals also prefer controversial issues. For Pakistan topics like Institutional Practice, MTI reforms, Sehat Sahulat Card could be ideal for studies. Opt for innovations in medical education, health delivery system, and surgical procedures, epidemiological studies, Randomized Clinical Trials, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis on important topics are also preferred. Editors do have a bias and it does play a role in acceptance of manuscripts. A gynecologist or surgeon will have preference for manuscripts in their own specialties. It is a fact and one cannot deny it.

PAME and its members are organizing workshops, seminars and training courses on scientific writing, peer review, publication ethics and how to run a successful journal all over the country. In order to train the editors, PAME in collaboration with University of Health Sciences started a six months Certificate Course in Medical Editing in 2019 and so far five batches have qualified and sixth batch is under training. Similarly another six months advance course in Medical Editing has been initiated which will eventually lead to Diploma in Medical Journalism for Editors. The second batch of this advanced course is now getting training. The courses are of six months duration with two four days contact sessions face to face at the UHS Campus Lahore.

PUMHSW celebrated Research Day on May 15th 2024. Picture shows Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Prof. Gulshan Memon VC PUMHSW, Prof. Shamsudidn Sheikh, Prof. Abdul Qayyum Memon and
Dr. Anwar Jamali speaking at the occasion.

The candidates are required to compelte five assignments, prepare a portfolio which is evaluated and then appear in Viva Exam to earn the certificate. For advanced course, the candidates are required to have four days internship at Impact Factor Journals i.e. Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, Journal of College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences which all have a different business model. This exposure to the working of these journals enables them to successfully run and manage any journal whether it is published by a medical college, medical university or a professional specialty organization or private publishers.

The objective is to create this much needed human resource. An online version of this Certificate in Medical Editing is also being managed by CorTeach and the certificate is issued by King Edward Medical Univesity. At the UHS course we had first targeted editors of journals who were enrolled in the first two batches with the result that all those journals have been now recognized by Higher Education Commission as their quality and standard improved. Not only that nine more medical journals from Pakistan have been accepted by Clarivate, included in the Journals approved list and they have earned an Impact Factor. This is one of our accomplishments by running this Certificate in Medical Editing course at UHS, he remarked. We wish and hope to have at least two dozen journals with Impact Factor. We can help the editors but it can only be achieved if the institutions publishing these journals are interested and provide required funding and human resource for continued publication of these journals.

During the discussion it was pointed out that faculty members have been nominated to coordinate and facilitate for research. Some studies have been completed and some have also been published. Students are being involved in research. Responding to various questions Dr. Masood Jawaid said that AI tools should be used for medical education and research but one must know how to use them intelligently. Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid opined that use AI tools for improvement of scientific writing and grammar and not for writing. AI has its own limitations which must be kept in mind. Prof. Gulshan Memon remarked that Univesity will pay the publication charges if the research gets accepted for publication in standard peer review journals.

Prof. Abdul Qayyum Memon speaking at the occasion commended and congratulated Dr. Jamali for his tireless efforts to organize this academic activity. He further stated that this college was upgraded to a Univesity in 2010 and there was a discussion as to what is the difference between a college and a university. At that time it was stated that university is known by its research output, innovations and publications besides creating new knowledge. I retired in 2017 and at that time postgraduates were involved in research but today even undergraduates are taking interest Prof. Gulshan Memon who is very much interested in academics and research which has contributed to its development and progress. Such academic activities will further enhance the image and ranking of the university, he added.

Prof. Shamsudidn Sheikh in his speech said that before his retirement he established a Digital Library with computers and internet connections and later also established Research Cell with the help of PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals. He commended the university leadership and felt that such activities will promote credibility of the university. Earlier Prof. Anwar Ali Jamali the chief organizer of the Research Day and Prof. Nasrullah Aamir welcomed the guests and participants.

Inauguration of JPUMHSW office

Prof. Gulshan Memon alongwith Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Paksitan Journal of Medical Sciences formally inaugurated the office of Journal of PUMHSW. This is a two room department which is fully air-conditioned and equipped with computers. This is also perhaps one of the very few medical universities in Pakistan which has established this dedicated office for the Journal which also houses the department of publications. Prof. Ali Jamali Editor of the Journal deserve special mention for his tireless efforts to make it a reality.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid alongwith Prof .Gulshan Memon inaugurating the office of Journal of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women Nawabshah during the Research Day on May 15th 2024. On right Prof. Anwar Ali Jamali is showing copy of the latest issue of the Journal.

It may be mentioned here that this university has two affiliated medical colleges and numerous other institutes including nursing institutions. Peoples Institute of Technologists in Health was established in 2024 while Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences and Begum Bilqees Sultana Institute of Nursing were established in 2012. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was set up in 2014 and Institute of Public Health Sciences in 2017. I has an elaborate Maternal and Child Health Care programme, Regional Blood Center, Benazir Institute of Urology and Transplantation is also a part of this institution.

The Univesity has forty five undergraduate and Postgraduates programmes some of which are as under:

  1. MBBS
  2. Doctor of Physiotherapy
  3. Pharm-D
  4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  5. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  6. Peoples Institute of Technologists in Health offers courses in BS intensive care technology, BS cardiovascular Technology, BS in Medical Laboratory Technology and BS in Anesthesia technology.

Research is a priority with the Univesity. Students are also involved in different research projects. The institution has a Medical Education Department and runs Certificate in Health Professions Education. Other courses include Primary Training care, Basic Life Support, Advance Life Trauma and Life Support (ATLS). The university has conducted thirty AHA certified BLS workshop, providing essential lifesaving skills to three hundred fifty participants. It also organized three AHA certified ACLS workshops. A Skills Labs and a Research Cell has also been established at the university.

Prof. Gulshan Memon VC PUMHW alongwith Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid and other faculty members presenting Awards to postgraduates who participated in the poster competition and earned First, Second and Third position.

Faculty Members

The Univesity has a total faculty of two hundred sixty tow which includes thirty nine Professors, forty Associate and ninety Assistant Professors besides demonstrators and lecturers.

No. of students and Postgraduates

The total number of students enrolled in the university and its affiliated institutions are 2356 which includes 445 postgraduates. The number of those enrolled for MD are 46, MS 105, FCPS 185, MCPS 24 and M. Phil nine. Seventy one foreign students are enrolled of which sixty four are in MBBS programme and seven postgraduates. Of the 2260 total students, 42% get scholarships from different sources including HEC but it is ensured that no student gets more than one scholarship. The University has international collaboration with USAID, University of Calgary and University of UTAH in United States besides London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It has also signed MOUs with numerous universities and institutions in Paksitan as well. Students support services at the university include Students Leadership Skills Development, Mental Health and Career Counselling.


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