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Surgeon M. Rehman and ‘BROTHERENE YOUSUF’

Need for more Medical Universities in KPK

Dear Editor,

This refers to a write up published in March 1st 2024 issue of Pulse International regarding ‘BROTHERENE YOUSUF’ of Surgeon Rehman. First of all I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Prof. Dr Mohammed Rehman at the international, as well as national level and not just for establishing various centers of cardiovascular disease management, but also for adhering to the highest ‘standards of care’ in these institutions as well as developing a culture of Best Evidence Medical practices.

Prof. Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan

No doubt, it was his intelligence, professionalism, attention to detail, and most of all perseverance in the highly politically charged environment of Pakistan to successfully accomplish these task, and then go onto establish one of the best private healthcare delivery systems in Pakistan by the name of Rehman Medical Institute and its related health education and delivery systems. I have had the opportunity to see them develop over the years since inception and RMI has been the focal point around which other similar high quality healthcare delivery and education institutions have developed in Peshawar. Over the years, I have been invited to various academic activities, conferences seminars as well as inspections of these institutions and have found them to be in a class of their own. In my humble opinion, these institutions and similar other in Peshawar Khyber Medical College and Abbottabad Medical College in Abbottabad do deserve the consideration of the Government of KPK for award of University charter as independent entities constituent to newly established universities within their premises in accordance with Govt. Regulations and HEC policies.

Having worked in University of Health Sciences, Lahore for over 11 years in the past, we zealously guarded the territorial jurisdiction of the University in Punjab and fought with every means possible at all levels, judicial and otherwise, against the establishment of any public or private sector University in the province of Punjab. However, in retrospect this was a losing battle for more than one reasons. We should understand that establishment of sister universities within the same region, promotes positive competition and improves quality of education provided as well as provides opportunities for health professionals to contribute through these institutions towards promoting high quality Health Professions Education and Research. It is never a good idea to place all your eggs in one basket. Now, there are many public and private universities with a charter that allows them to offer qualifications in health professions and in fact over the years, these private universities have in many areas superseded as far as quality of education is concerned. One public sector University was against their establishment to start with. That same Public Sector University in these days relies on these private universities for curriculum development & implementation as well as national and international networking. What more can be said in favour of establishing sister universities within the same region?

I hope that above all common sense and evidence in favour of establishing universities will prevail in the province; and we will be able to see a healthy competition amongst these sister universities to enhance the quality of education in health professions, as well as research and promote acquisition of national international grants that support research and development.

Prof. Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan
Dean/Chief Executive Officer,
Lady Reading Hospital,
Peshawar – Pakistan.


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