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World Women’s Day Celebration

Dr. Khadija Muneer

The Medical Women’s Association Pakistan in collaboration with Gujranwala Medical College hosted a meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. The objective was to highlight women’s rights and acknowledge their valuable roles in society.

Dr. Wajiha Rizwan, President of the Medical Women’s Association Pakistan, stressed the significance of International Women’s Day, stating, “It’s more than just celebration; it’s about championing gender equality and empowering women.” She discussed the association’s journey, founded on October 26, 2023, affiliated with the Medical Women International Association. Vocal on women’s rights, it collaborates with WHO and UNICEF and conducts seminars nationwide to raise awareness on women’s rights and health issues. Additionally, webinars are organized to promote disease awareness and research.

As the moderator of a Women’s Day session, Dr. Khadija Muneer ,the General Secretary of the Medical Women Association Pakistan skillfully steered the discussion towards the crucial theme of inclusion. In her moderation, she emphasized the significance of creating spaces where all women are embraced, ensuring that diversity becomes our strength. She catalyzed meaningful dialogue and action towards building a more inclusive society where every woman’s unique experiences and perspectives are valued and respected.

Prof. Shamsa Humayun in her speech addressed the challenges in women’s health in a developing country like Pakistan. With expertise and insight, she shed light on the pressing issues women face in accessing healthcare and overcoming societal barriers. Her discourse provided valuable perspectives on the importance of addressing these challenges and advocating for better healthcare services tailored to women’s needs.

Prof. Saira Afzal, in her address underscored the necessity for support, inclusion, and equal opportunities to overcome barriers and promote the progress of women in leadership roles within the medical field.

Dr. Darunee Budhari, Vice President of the Medical Women’s International Association, commended everyone for their efforts towards gender equality in her online video talk. She emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving executive positions, highlighting the need for unified action to overcome barriers and promote diversity in leadership roles.

Principal of Gujranwala Medical College, Prof. Iqbal Dogar, congratulated the women on their achievements and assured continued efforts for the welfare of women at the college, acknowledging that a healthy mother ensures a happy family. (PR)


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