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Sale of drugs on Prescription

ISLAMABAD: Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan at its meeting held in November 2021 had discussed the sale of drugs by pharmacies and chemists. After detailed discussion, it had recommended the following:

  1. No sale of drugs particularly antimicrobial drugs without prescription by registered medical practitioner.
  2. Government should devise a strategy in consultation with stake holders to address the issues of insufficient number of registered doctors in remote areas.
  3. CPD should be introduced to train, appoint practicing pharmacists for limited period to prescribe certain limited number of drugs. For this TORs should be prepared by respective provincial Governments.
  4. Physical presence of graduate pharmacists at pharmacies should be mandatory. Its implementation will be ensured by area Drug Inspectors.
  5. Distance of two KMs between pharmacies, medical stores should be observed to implement the concept of population based pharmacy set ups in future.


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