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Residents should acquire knowledge, achieve excellent skills, emotional quittance and physical stamina to become successful neurosurgeons – Dr. Nawaz Khan

Dr. Ali Haider presented Life Time Achievement Award

By Dr. Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR: Department of Brain & Spine surgery, Lady Reading Hospital- Medical Teaching Institution (LRH-MTI), Peshawar organized a Residency Orientation session on January 25, 2023. Those who graced the occasion with their presence included Prof. Zubair Khan (Chairman Board of Governors LRH), Prof. Dr. Khalid Anwar Khan Khanzada (ex-faculty and member of BoGs LRH), Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Mahmood Noor (Dean PGMI-KPK), Prof. Dr. Junaid Sarfaraz Khan (Dean/CEO LRH-MTI), Dr. Faisal Khan (Associate Dean PGME LRH), Brig. (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Abrar Khan (Hospital director LRH), Dr. Tariq Burki (Associate Hospital Director LRH), Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan (HoD Neurosurgery LRH), all the faculty, residents, nurses and paramedical staff.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan Head of the Neurosurgery Department formally welcomed the residents and told them about the purpose of the orientation session, the common mistakes in residency and disciplinary matters. He shared the details on how an ideal Neurosurgeon should be, idealizing that a neurosurgeon should have symbolically, “Eyes of eagle, Heart of lion, and Feet of elephant”. Elaborating the symbolic it was stated that neurosurgery work is highly precise for which good and attentive vision is important to work in narrow corridors of a few millimeters between vital structures e.g carotid and optic nerve or near to brainstem in cerebellopontine angle.

The heart of lion symbolize stone hearted control on internal complex hormonal rush while operating in situations where missing a target a few millimeter could cost patient his life or permanent neurologic deficit. And the last but not the least every neurosurgeon will have to develop feet of elephant by standing in OT for more than 6-8 hours in a single case. So, the residents need to exercise and achieve this level of knowledge, skill, emotional quittance and physical stamina to become successful neurosurgeons in their upcoming bright futures.

Associate Professor and supervisor of CPSP Dr. Seema Sharafat briefed the residents about the year wise competency level according to the CPSP syllabus, synopsis and dissertation writing and the format of CPSP Part-2 exam.

Dr. Bilal Khan Afridi, Assistant Professor Neurosurgery shared his experience about the neurosurgery Residency in general and residency in LRH specifically. The HOD Neurosurgery, Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan then addressing the audience gave introduction of the department and its services stating that the department of Neurosurgery, LRH is first choice for aspirants of FCPS training due to its structured training programs, wide spectrum of neurosurgical disorders being managed in the department due to huge catchment population as well as being one of the largest unit of the country having 110 Beds, daily OPD 8am to 4:30pm, daily five Operation theatres running from 8am to 11pm at night and one of the highest IBP revenue generating department of the hospital having skilled and experienced faculty.

The department regularly organizes education sessions, symposia, workshops and residents’ evaluation sessions. He further stated that the department has satisfied the CPSP team who visited in November 2023 for accreditation of its Spine Surgery unit and soon it is expected notification of recognition of the unit will be issued by the CPSP. Giving details of the working of the department, he pointed out that that over eighteen thousand patients were seen in the OPD, fifteen thousand patients were seen in the emergency and a total of five thousand seven hundred fifty nine (5759) admissions were made by the department which included two thousand six hundred eighty two emergency admissions besides two thousand four hundred seventy seven OPD + IBP admissions in 2023. A total of three thousand seven hundred forty five surgeries including one thousand seven hundred fifty one spinal and one thousand nine hundred ninety four brain surgeries were performed by the department during the same period. He also highlighted the constraints and future goals of the department.

Prof. Junaid Sarfaraz Khan Dean LRH, appreciated the department and its faculty for the unmatched patient care and academic activities. The Dean PGMI-KPK, Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Mahamood Noor while addressing the residents coated some Golden principles of professional life and stressed upon the professional relation and behaviour during the training. The Chairman Board of governors LRH, acknowledged the services of the department and promised to look after the needs of the department to further enhance its capability.

As a senior faculty member and the only dedicated neurovascular neurosurgeon of KPK Dr. Ali Haider is going to end his twenty two years long innings the next month, so, he was given the lifetime achievement award by the CBOG, the Dean PGMI, the Dean LRH, Prof. Dr. Khalid Khanzada, Prof. Dr. Farooq Azam and HoD Neurosurgery Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan. At the end of the session souvenirs were presented by the faculty to the Honourable guests.


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