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Rabia Moon Institute of Neurosciences offers comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation facilities for neurological disorders

75 Healthcare professionals affiliated with the institution includes eight Neurologists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Psychologists and Speech Therapists. A Learning Resource Center has also been established recently to
promote research culture and academic activities

By Shaukat Ali Jawaid

KARACHI: Despite all the bad publicity Pakistan gest in the world media, the mess created by corrupt and power hungry politicians, massive financial and intellectual corruption prevalent in our institutions, corrupt elements in the society, terrorist activities, undesirable anti-social elements who are working overtime to create political and economic instability in the country, there is no dearth of God fearing, kind hearted people in the medical profession and the society at large. Hundreds of such people and organizations, Trusts, Foundations are busy in helping the poor and providing humanitarian, medical and social services quietly. They do not do all this to get any praise, recognition or appreciation but it is the professional satisfaction which they derive through such activities listening to their conscience which keeps them moving.

Telemedine Clinic which is organized at the Center on alternate Saturdays.

It was in this context that last recently a visit to Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neurosciences Trust located in PECHS Block-II Karachi was a fascinating experience. According to reports it started in the Year 2001 when family of Rabia Moon and a group of dedicated doctors, healthcare professionals decided to establish an institution to provide comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation facilities to patients suffering from neurological disorders.

During the last two decades it has emerged as an excellent healthcare facility for which credit goes not only to those who laid its foundation including the Rabia Moon Family but also to those who are working with devotion and dedication looking after patients who enter this institution. Its doors are open not only to patients suffering from neurological disorders but patients suffering from other diseases are also taken care of with the concept that no one coming here should go unattended, hence they are looked after by other medical staff.

A view of the Neurophysiology Laboratory.

About one hundred fifty patients are managed daily in the Out Patients Department while about three hundred patients avail its rehabilitation services in two shifts. The center works from 9.00AM to 6.00PM only. Seventy five healthcare professionals which includes eight qualified neurologists with FCPS qualifications are working here under the supervision of an eminent neurologist Prof. Muhammad Abdullah who retired to Dow University of Health Sciences as Head of the Dept. of Neurology some years ago. He has succeeded to build a team which has helped to run this facility efficiently. The center has no facilities for Emergency Treatment. Patients entertained at this healthcare facility include those suffering from epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Migraine, cerebral palsy, Cervical and Lumbar radiculopathies, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia.

Welfare Patients

Most of the patients visiting this facility are welfare patients. On arrival at the center, the patients are first assessed by the Social Welfare Department. Some pay 50% while a few pay hundred percent or whatever they can afford but no one is returned unattended. All non-neurology patients are looked after by Dr. Shazia Kiran a Family Physician with experience in Diabetes. The Paediatric Rehabilitation Department is fully equipped with facilities and there are separate arrangements for male and female patients. Few beds are also available for patient’s pain management and other acute conditions with separate cubicles ensuring privacy.

A view of the Occupational Therapy unit and Physiotherapy
Department at Rabia Moon Institute of Neurosciences.

The facility also has a Male Gymnasium. Facilities for orthotics, occupational therapist, speech therapist are also available. Those deserving are also provided artificial limbs. Occupational therapy facilities enable patients to effectively manage their activities of daily life and they can perform all these activities independently. Specific equipment used to ensure fine movements, hand exercises are of immense help which ensure patients accelerated recovery. Autism Spectrum Disorders is yet another disease which is quite prevalent and the center has facilities to look after these patients as well. Telemedicine Clinic is also arranged at Rabia Moon Institute every alternate Saturday.

Pharmacy Services

The facility has a Pharmacy which provides all essential drugs to the needy patients suffering from various neurological disorders. At a time they are provided fifteen days drugs but in some special cases if the patient is coming from a very far flung area they may be give one months medications. Since many of these patients suffering from neurological disorders also suffer from psychiatric diseases, a psychiatric OPD also forms part of the facilities offered. Hence anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are also available at the pharmacy for these psychiatric patients.

There is a Play Room for children. Four consultants can sit in the OPD and examine patients. The Center has also arranged a self-sufficient Laboratory in collaboration with the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Hyderabad and their bills are settled every month. Similarly facilities for CT scan, MRI and other sophisticated diagnostic facilities are also made available to the deserving patients in collaboration with Indus Hospital and other healthcare facilities. Center provides facilities for EEG, there is a Neurophysiology Laboratory which provides tests at highly subsidized charges. Facilities for tests like VEP, BERA, and EMG/NCV are also available. Clinical Psychologists which are an important part of the healthcare team managing mental disorders is also play a vital role in the rehabilitation services.

Annual Budget

At present the Center has annual running expenditures of over eighty million rupees which are all met with the help of donors, philanthropists. Almost 25% of the budget is spent of drugs and medicines. All those interested to help Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neuro Sciences can contribute both in cash and kind, donate drugs, equipment, instruments, serve as volunteers, contribute Zakat funds which will go a long way in helping the poor non-affording patients who avail its services.

Pharmacy at Rabia Moon Institute of Neurosciences.

Learning Resource Center

A Learning Resource Center was established at Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neuro Sciences recently which was formally inaugurated on 28th January 2024. The objective is to promote research culture and academic activities. Efforts are also underway to digitalize all the data which is at present preserved in files and computerization of this data will be undertaken shortly. It will help in getting data for publications. The center is also planning to start a Certificate Course in Neurology for the GPs, Family Physicians in the near future.
For further details contact Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neuro Sciences Trust, 153-H, Block-II, PECHS Karachi. E mail: or visit its website


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