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Pharma Industry payments to Physicians and ethical medical practice


Relationship between physicians, the pharma trade and industry remains under focus all over the world as it is believed that it is an attempt to influence their prescribing practices which leads to lot of unethical practices. If it was thought that the “Physician Payment Sunshine Act Openpaymentsopens” by United States will effectively check this malpractices, it has failed to accomplish its objective. A recent report reveals that from 2013 to 2022, Pharma trade and industry in USA paid an amount of over twelve billion US dollars to 826,313 physicians. These payments included for consulting and non-consulting services, food and beverages, travels and lodging, entertainment, education, gifts, grants, charitable contributions besides honorarium.1

Those among the pharma industry and the medical profession who wish to corrupt and are prepared to be corrupted will find many innovative ways to keep their relationship which helps them. Hence any rules, regulations or Guidelines become useless but it is their conscious which matters a lot. If their conscious is alive and they bother to listen to it, they will refrain from any unethical practice and would uphold professional ethics. However, one needs to keep on pricking their conscious as it might help some to wake up but won’t have any effect on those whose conscious is dead.

Pharma industry and physicians has a very close relationship and all over the world, industry sponsors Continuing Medical Education programmes, seminars, symposia, workshops and medical conferences facilitating the physicians to attend, participate in these academic activities which keeps them abreast of latest developments in medicine. It also helps them to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues, thus educating many which in return does improve patient care. However, great care needs to be taken by everyone to uphold professional ethics.

If transparency is ensured and all such contributions by the industry and privileges enjoyed by the physicians is made public,( at present it is not made public) it will help in putting some moral pressure on the physicians which can have a positive effect. One does see there is a realization within the medical profession as well and many conscious physicians keep on raising their voice against unethical medical practices.

Ref-I: MedPage Today.


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