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Speakers advise students to follow discipline & uphold professional ethics

MUZZAFARABAD: White Coat Ceremony for the newly admitted students was organized here at AJKMC on Monday February 12th 2024, celebrating the admission of 110 high-achieving MBBS students in the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Dr. Bushra and Dr. Mahtab extended a warm welcome to the guests, students, and their parents. The event was honored by the presence of Minister of Health Dr. Nisar Ansar Abdali as the Chief Guest, alongside Prof. Jamshed Ali Khan, former principal of AJKMC, from Peshawar.

The chief guest presented White Coats to the first-year MBBS students. The Minister of Health congratulated the students and emphasized the privilege of being admitted to this noble profession. He laid emphasis on not only acquiring advanced clinical skills but also fundamental principles such as ethics and human compassion. Furthermore, the Minister highlighted the challenges of the healthcare system in Kashmir and encouraged the students to uphold principles of sincerity, honesty, and diligence, stressing the significance of learning basic principles such as ethics and humanitarianism.

Prof Jamshed Ali encouraged the students to prioritize learning about patriotism and humanity as they prepare to serve society. Additionally, he administered the oath to the students for the 2023-24 session. Prof. Jamshed Ali expressed his pride in taking part in this prestigious event, stating, “Today’s event signifies the start of a new chapter in your lives. I am confident that following your time at this University, you will make meaningful contributions to public health, patient care, and the service of humanity in need.”

Principal Prof. Mulazim Hussain Bukhari emphasized the significance of boosting morale among the students. He highlighted the institution’s consistent commitment to merit, admitting 110 students from across Kashmir and other areas of Pakistan on reciprocal seats based on their top merit. Prof. Bukhari warmly welcomed the new students, their parents, faculty, and supporting staff.” He underscored the importance of medical education and patient service, drawing on references from the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Additionally, he emphasized the pivotal role of parents in the students’ achievements, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Prof. Bukhari encouraged the students to emulate their parents’ diligence and commitment, envisioning a future where they attain high positions and become leaders in their respective specialties. In light of the era of artificial intelligence, he urged the students to acquire skills that will bring global recognition and enable them to represent Pakistan with distinction worldwide.

Several distinguished guests addressed the incoming students, underscoring the institution’s commitment to not only imparting knowledge and skills but also to nurturing individuals who embody fundamental principles such as literature, culture, ethics, and human compassion. Prof. Abdul Khalid Awan shared words of wisdom with the new students, emphasizing the medical profession as a notable example of humanitarianism that they should always remember.

Prof. Shaukat Hayat Khan, Chairman of Examinations, stressed the importance of attendance, internal assessment, and examination discipline at AJKMC, urging parents to counsel their children to maintain regular attendance within the modular system, with no provision for re-sit examinations or admission relaxation for those failing to achieve 75% attendance by the year’s end. Similarly, Prof. Zahid Azeem advised the students to adhere to college disciplines and maintain consistent attendance throughout the year. The Vice Principal, Prof. Adnan Mehraj.


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