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Otsuka pays tributes to Legends of Healthcare by highlighting them on Yearly Planner 2024

Twelve eminent medical personalities who made tremendous contributions to Medical Education and Healthcare have been selected from all over Pakistan.

KARACHI: Otsuka, the Japanese pharmaceutical company known for pioneering innovative products to enhance global healthcare, has prominently featured several esteemed medical personalities from Pakistan who have passed away in their Yearly Planner for 2024. This meticulously crafted twelve-page planner stands as a poignant tribute to these Healthcare Legends, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the medical field.

Dr. Seemin Jamali, the former Director of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center in Karachi, renowned for her exceptional leadership at JPMC’s Emergency and Accident Center, graces the January 2024 page. Her unwavering commitment and remarkable abilities in challenging situations earned her recognition as a Global Hero by WHO. The Government of Pakistan bestowed upon her a civil award, while the Pakistan Army acknowledged her dedication by conferring an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in October 2022. Born in 1961, she passed away in 2023.

February 2024 showcases Prof. Faisal Masood, a distinguished physician and renowned endocrinologist. As the founding Principal of Services Institute of Medical Sciences in Lahore and a former Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University and the University of Health Sciences in Lahore, he left an indelible mark. His commendable efforts during the Dengue epidemic led to the prestigious Tamgha-e-Imtiaz honor. Born in 1954, he passed away in 2019.

March 2024 Planner pays homage to the revered hematologist, Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi, a pioneer of bone marrow transplants in Pakistan. He conducted the country’s first transplant in 1995 and performed over six hundred fifty such procedures. Establishing the National Institute for Blood Diseases, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dow Graduates Association of North America in 2016. Born in 1962, he passed away on December 21, 2021, at the age of fifty-nine.

April 2024 Planner commemorates Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha, a distinguished surgeon and 1984 Nishter Medical College’s best graduate. His return to Pakistan post his postgraduate studies in 1994 marked his illustrious career at Nishter Medical College Multan, culminating in his appointment as Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University in 2017. His passion for academia remained unmatched. Tragically, he succumbed to Covid19 on July 15, 2020.
Dr. Samad Shera, a prominent Diabetologist and Honorary President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), features on the planner for August 2024. Serving as the Secretary of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan for many years, he held esteemed positions in diabetes-related professional associations and was a national coordinator for Pakistan’s diabetes prevention and control program. Born in 1935, he passed away in 2020, honored with civil awards, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

September 2024 Planner honors the legacy of Prof. Fareeduddin Baqai, the founder of Baqai Hospital and Baqai Medical University. His pioneering contributions to Medical Education and the establishment of institutions sans government assistance were remarkable. Renowned for his work in Community-Oriented Medical Education, he passed away after a prolonged illness in 2017, leaving an enduring impact.

October 2024 Planner remembers Prof. Abdul Jamil Khan, a distinguished figure in the pharmaceutical industry, medical education, and health services. His multifaceted career, from serving as Medical Advisor in Bayer-Pharma to founding Principal of Ayub Medical College, founder of Frontier Medical College, showcased his immense dedication. Honored with the Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, he was born in 1962 and passed away in 2022.

The planner for November 2024 commemorates the life of Dr. Faridoon Sethna, an esteemed Obstetrician and Gynecologist. His dedicated efforts in rebuilding Lady Dufferin Hospital with the support of philanthropist Mr. Ardsher Cowasjee transformed it into a modern healthcare institution. His contributions to Maternal and Neonatal health are commendable.

Known as the ‘Sheila Sherlock of Pakistan,’ Dr. Sarwar J. Zuberi, an eminent gastroenterologist and co-founder of Ziauddin University, is featured in September 2024 Planner. Her extensive contributions in liver diseases and as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association are noteworthy. Dow University of Health Sciences established a Liver Unit in his memory. Born on January 1st, 1934, she passed away on March 17th, 2004.

The planner acknowledges Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Ahmad Baig, a distinguished ophthalmologist and former Surgeon General of Pakistan, on October 2024. His demise in a tragic suicide bomb blast on February 25th, 2008, marked a sorrowful event in Pakistan’s history. Conferred with the Hilal-e-Imtiaz Military, he was esteemed for his exceptional organizational skills, serving as a role model for future healthcare professionals due to his warmth, devotion, and dedication.

November 2024 pays tribute to Prof. Muhammad Kabir, an eminent surgeon who held prestigious positions, including Administrator of Khyber Teaching Hospital, Lady Reading Hospital and Principal of Khyber Medical College. Despite facing numerous political challenges, he established Kabir Medical College, Sardar Begum Dental College, and Gandhara University. Born in 1935, he passed away in London in 2003 at the age of sixty-eight.

Finally, December 2024 Planner commemorates Prof. Emeritus Hasan Aziz, a distinguished Neurologist renowned for his contributions to Neurology and Epilepsy care in Pakistan. Serving as Director of JPMC and founding the Neurology Research and Patient Welfare Fund, his efforts in enhancing academic activities through a magnificent Auditorium at JPMC are praiseworthy. Born in 1939, he passed away in 2022, leaving a lasting impact on epilepsy care and receiving international recognition for his services.

Otsuka Pakistan’s management deserves commendation for this distinguished initiative of honoring these eminent medical personalities of Pakistan. Noteworthy is the extensive global presence of Otsuka Group, comprising one hundred ninety-six companies, forty-two Research and Development sites, and manufacturing facilities at one hundred seventy-three locations worldwide. Their specialized focus on pharmaceuticals, functional beverages, and functional foods continues to impact global healthcare positively.


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