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Medical Institutions should focus on Character building, Ethics and Morality-Governor Punjab

LAHORE: Inaugurating the 7th International Conference on Health Professions Education organized by University of Lahore Governor of Punjab Mr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman has called upon the medical institutions to focus on character building, ethics and morality among the health care professionals. He commended the implementation of modular system of curriculum by University of Lahore and opined that teachers have to be lifelong learners. Use of modern technology has become essential and a necessity in every field. Pakistani doctors are second to none and they are working all over the world serving humanity.

Referring to the MDCAT tests for admission to medical and dental colleges, the Governor of Punjab said that since these tests has to be conducted again in two provinces Sindh and KPK it had adversely affected the children of federal government officials and employees posted in both these provinces as they won’t be able to apply for admission in Punjab institutions. However, he was informed by the President of PM&DC who was present on the occasion that the date for admission has been extended till the MFCAT tests are completed in both the provinces. He hoped that necessary arrangements will be made by the authorities that no seats remain vacant in any medical and dental college in the province.

Group photograph taken during the inaugural session of ICHPE organized by Univesity of Lahore shows the Chief Guest Governor of Punjab Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman alongwith Javed Akram Punjab Health Minister, Prof. Rizwan Taj President of PM&DC, Awais Raoof Chairman, Board of Governors UOL besides Vice Chancellors of different medical universities and Rector of UOL Prof. Ashraf.

However, he suggested that the experts should find out in which areas we need more specialists and currently we have a shortage so that the postgraduates could adopt career in those specialties. Our objective, he further stated should be to produce good professionals and good human beings. He advised the doctors to be truthful and undertake research, identify problems in health sector and try to find out indigenous solutions. Yet another advice he had for every one that we should verify the contents on the social media about their accuracy before sharing that information. Let us care for each other. He also referred to the massacre and genocide of Palestinians and said that we must play our role in helping our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are facing very difficult times. What is going on is not only painful but also shameful. He also commended the vision of Mr. M.A. Rauf the founder of University of Lahore which has now emerged as one of the leading universities in the country.

University of Lahore organized International Conference of Health Professions Education at its campus on November 2nd 2023. Group photograph taken on the occasion shows some participates, speakers and organizers of the conference.

Chairman of the Board of Governors of University of Lahore Mr. Awais Raoof in his speech said that it took us ten years to realize our dream and now we have achieved our objective. We can now lead in this area. He suggested that the private and public sector institutions should come together and create novelty.

Prof. Ricardo Leon-Borquez President of World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) in his brief address commended the progress made by University of Lahore in the field of education.

Prof. Javed Akram Punjab Minister for Health addressing the participants said that medical education is the backbone of healthcare delivery system. We need to empower the healthcare professionals so that they can save lives. Institutions like University of Lahore are helping government produce human resource. We need trained teachers and the world has now realized that training of teachers is important. Medical Education department is essential for every medical college. He emphasized the importance of training in medical education and patient centered medical education. We need to produce good human beings. Such conferences help us know how we can change our curriculum. He was of the view that private and public sector should work together, pool their resources and align with our vision of producing doctors who are also good human beings, he remarked.

Photographed at the ICHPE 2023 organized by University of Lahore shows from (L to R) Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Dr. Gohar Wajid, Prof. Shamsa Humayun, Prof. Salman Rawaf and Prof. Lubna Baig Ansari.

President of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Prof. Rizwan Taj in his speech termed Prof. Mahwish Arooj Principal of University Medical & Dental College and chairman of the organizing committee as One Man Army. He also disclosed that soon after taking over as President of PM&DC he had called a meeting of eminent medical educationists, Vice Chancellors of medical universities and impressed upon all of them to focus on quality of medical education. We wish to produce good quality professionals and best possible human beings. We have to work in different environments both urban and rural and close collaboration is essential. We must strive to provide best possible individualized care. He also pointed out that new exciting changes are going to be introduced in Pakistan Medical & Dental Council for which we need help from every one. Many institutions are now producing good medical educationists.

Some invited guest speakers at the 7th International Conference on Health Professions Education organized by University of Lahore photographed with some other distinguished medical personalities who attended the conference.

Earlier Prof. Mahwish Arooj Chairman of the organizing committee in her welcome address said that they have invited thirty-six distinguished speakers to share their knowledge and experience during the conference. We have registered over one thousand participants, we had thirty-seven pre-conference workshops held in different collaborating institutions. Twenty-five medical institutions have collaborated with us in this academic activity. We have also shown that leaders can be nurtured. Now after ten years our vision has materialized. University of Lahore has produced one hundred fifty medical educationists who are serving fifty medical institutions all over the country. The inaugural session concluded with the presentation of mementoes among the speakers and members of the organizing committee by the chief guest Governor of Punjab.

Prof. M. A. H. Qazi Awards Dr. Noori Kiran Haris from ABWA Medical College earned the late Prof. MAH Qazi Award for best Alumni of UOL, Col. Khalid Rahim from UHS got the Prof. Qazi Innovation Award while Prof. Siraj Shaikh from CPSP Karachi was also presented MAH Qazi Award. The awards were presented by the Chief Guest Governor of Punjab.


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