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Most barriers to research are Mental, not Factual – Prof. Aziz Ahmed Honesty is essential for conducting research – Prof. Israr ul Haq

1st Annual Research Day at Saidu Medical College

SWAT: The most important step for promoting research is the appointment of a full-time research director instead of joint appointments. A fully functional research department must be developed, and the right person should be appointed for the right job without any unethical influence. The research strategy should align with the institution’s vision. The ER of the hospital is an ideal department for multiple research projects as well as learning opportunities. This was stated by Prof. Aziz Ahmed in his talk about ‘Developing Research Programs in Institutions’ during the 1st Annual Research Day of Saidu Medical College.
The Research Day was organized with the collaboration and support of the PharmEvo Research Forum. Prof. Aziz added that information and learning are now easily accessible with smartphones. He also noted that many problems previously stated by different stakeholders are more mental than factual.

Saidu Medical College organized its First Annual Research Day in collaboration with PharmEvo Research Forum recently. Photograph shows Prof. Aziz,
Prof. Abdul Hadi, Prof. Israrul Haque, Dr. Tamanna Zafar, Prof. Samieullah and
Dr. Masood Jawaid speaking on the occasion.

An interesting aspect of the annual research day was the talks by medical students (Miss Alina Mushtaq), residents (Dr. Umar Badshah), and faculty (Dr. Tamanna Zafar) about the challenges of conducting research at their institution. All stakeholders presented their points of view in a very engaging manner, sparking a debate during the subsequent speakers’ talks.

Dr. Masood Jawaid, in his speech, proposed several solutions to the presented challenges and highlighted the importance of such events in promoting a research culture and recognizing quality research efforts. Dr. Jawaid also discussed changes in the regulations of the CPSP, noting that from next year, research papers published in HEC-recognized journals will be required for fellowship exams instead of dissertations, and the number of required publications will be reduced from two to one. Dr. Abdul Hadi, who played a key role in organizing this exceptional annual research day, moderated the session. Dr. Samieullah, Chief Editor of the Journal of Saidu Medical College, presented detailed progress of the journal, which is now in the Y category of HEC and has an acceptance rate of 29%.
In the research competition, 1st position was secured by Dr. Muhammad Zohaib, a Post Graduate Resident of the Operative Dentistry Department, SCD. The 2nd position was awarded to Dr. Huda Ghaffar, a Post Graduate Resident of the Department of Orthodontics, SCD, and the 3rd position was earned by Zartasha Nasir from the final year of MBBS at Swat Medical College.

In his concluding remarks, Prof. Israr ul Haq thanked Dr. Masood Jawaid and PharmEvo Research Forum for their support and encouragement in organizing the 1st Annual Research Day of Saidu Medical College. He expressed his hope that this event would become an annual event and pledged to start working on developing a fully functional research department at the institution.


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