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Medical institutions should compete on qualitybut collaborate with each other-Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed

HEC stands committed to work with medical institutions but someone
should come forward and ask for assistance

Be mindful of disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence as there are ethical and confidentiality issues – Prof. Ashraf Govt. must increase investment in Artificial Intelligence to compete globally-Sumaira Rehman

LAHORE: Government is planning to establish two big databases at Karachi and Lahore. We will develop local ChatGPT and there will be AI based student’s teachers programmes. It will teach you as per your programmes. Medical institutions should compete on quality but must collaborate with each other. Higher Education Commission is committed to collaborate with medical institutions but someone must come forward and ask for assistance. This was stated by Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed Chairman of Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan. He was speaking at the inaugural session of International Medical Conference jointly organized by Superior University and University of Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Association of Medical & Dental Institutions (PAMI).

Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed Chairman HEC chairing the inaugural session of IMC 2024 organized by Superior University and UOL in collaboration with PAMI. Sitting on the Dais alongwith him from (L to R) Prof. Mahwish Arooj, Sumaira Rehman Rector Superior University, Prof. M. Ashraf Rector UOL and Prof. Parveen Kumar.

“AI Horizons in Medicine and Dentistry: Navigating the Future” was the theme of the conference held from March 4th to March 8th 2024 and it attracted delegates from all over the country besides a few guest speakers from abroad. Scientific programme also included Pre-conference workshops held both at Superior University as well as University of Lahore.
Appreciating the work being done by PAMI and good initiative of collaboration between Superior University and University of Lahore, HEC Chairman advised them to join hands, share their knowledge and experience with each other and move forward. He was happy to note that this objective was being achieved by this conference. Referring to the Theme of the conference, he said, if AI was the solution, then what is the problem.

Artificial Intelligence, he opined, was a reality, we have to prepare ourselves to embrace this change. However, teachers and physicians are still going to be there and will remain important, he remarked. We need to readjust our scientific systems. We should know where AI is being used and where we are going to use it. We will have super computers in Pakistan. We have two hundred sixty-two universities in Pakistan and the big databases being established will have enough storage facilities, he added.

Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry receiving a Memento from HEC Chairman Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed and Sumaria Rehman Rector Superior University during the
IMC inaugural session. Also seen in the picture are Prof. Mahwish Arooj
and Prof. M. Ashraf Rector UOL.

Earlier Prof. M. Ashraf Rector, University of Lahore in his speech appreciated the initiative taken by Ch. Abdul Rehman Chairman Board of Governors of Superior University. University of Lahore he opined, is a good host. Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly used in medical sciences, Research and Development and it will accelerate the speed of work. However, he cautioned that we have to be careful of its disadvantages because there are serious ethical and confidentiality issues. It is also expected to create lot of unemployment of manpower. He was of the view that we must focus on Impact rather than the Impact Factor. He also disclosed that University of Lahore has prepared many products, we have thirty patents and these products will be available in the market very soon.

Mrs. Sumaira Rehman Rector of Superior University in her speech said that private medical institutions have created hundreds of new jobs and it generates lot of revenues. Medical institutions should be known for their research work. She opined that by 2028 Superior will be one of the leading universities promoting research culture in Pakistan. She also referred to the Policy Document on AI prepared by University of Lahore and Superior University. Government, she said must increase investment in Artificial Intelligence to compete globally. She also highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary research to promote indigenous research, integrate AI in teaching medicine and provision of healthcare. There has to be community engagement to promote research culture. However, we have to be mindful of ethical considerations while using AI. This conference is a wonderful example of collaboration by PAMI which has also recognized the contributions by various healthcare professionals.

Prof. Lubna Baig Ansari Chairman of PhD programme at University of Lahore shared the details of how they developed some guidelines on use of AI with the help of experts through zoom meetings. The first meeting, she said, was held at Sohail University at Karachi which prepared the first draft. This was shared with the experts at the Islamabad brain storming session. Then second draft was prepared. The meeting held at Peshawar was hosted by Rehman Medical Institute where it was critically reviewed in detail. Final round table meeting was held at Superior University where this draft was finalized with valuable input from one hundred four participants.

Prof. Mahwish Arooj from University of Lahore in her welcome address commended the critical role played by PAMI in national policy making and advocacy. She also referred to the vital role played by the private sector medical institutions in helping Pakistan Medial & Dental Council get recognition from World Federation of Medical Education. They invested and trained the stakeholders in Pakistan in academic standards. PAMI has been doing advocacy for medical education in Pakistan. She supported the judicious use of AI in academics. The AI document prepared through collective wisdom of PAMI will be sent to HEC and PM&DC, she added.

At the end of the session Chief Guest Prof. Mukhtar Ahmad presented Mementoes to the speakers and experts in the panel discussion besides organizers and chairpersons of different committees working for the conference from University of Lahore and Superior University.


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