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Condolence meeting at KEMU

This refers to the detailed report on condolence meeting held at KEMU to pay tributes to the three eminent medical personalities Prof. Zafarullah Chaudhry, Prof. Irshad Husain Qureshi and Prof. Asif Baig Mirza published in Pulse International May 15th 2024 issue.
Thanks a lot Shaukat Sahib, As usual your write up is excellent. May Allah bless you and your family?

Prof. M. Amjad
Lahore – Pakistan.


Late Prof. Zafarullah Chaudhry

I gratefully acknowledge receipt of Pulse Vol 25 No.10, May 15-30, 2024. This issue reminded me of our good memories with great senior, Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary. I also read your column “Off the Record” which is quite lengthy and about your relations and working with Prof Zafar Ullah Chaudhry (my teacher). As per your trait, you wrote it candidly, honestly and truthfully. Prof Chaudhry, overall, was a great man with numerous qualities. May Allah bless the soul of Dr Jafary and Prof Chaudhry in Jannah, Aameen?

Maj Gen [R] Prof. M. Aslam Ph.D., FCPS
Professor of Physiology
House No.169, Street No.06
Race Course Road,
Rawalpindi – Pakistan.


Pakistani medical students in Kyrgyzstan

The most shameful attack by locals and students in the city of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, on foreign students, especially Pakistani students studying there and residing in various hostels, needs to be condemned in the strongest terms. It is suggested that those students who are studying there should be brought back and accommodated in different public and private sector universities/colleges at half rates for at least one year. The conduct of the police and other relevant institutions should be publicized locally and internationally in electronic media as well as on social media so that no student opts to get admissions there.

Dr. Munawar Aziz
Abbottabad – Pakistan.


Conducting Research in Baluchistan

I am a final year MBBS Student from Makran Medical College Turbat Baluchistan. I as well as many students of our college are avid readers of your publication Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. I want to acknowledge you and thank you for your contributions and for promoting a research culture. We the students of Makran Medical College are highly thankful to you as one of our student’s article has recently been published in your journal which boosted the morale of our students and we do feel now that we are not less than anyone else and feel much encouraged.

We have minimal resources in Baluchistan, and promoting research in this region is much needed. Keeping in view our very limited resources we have conducted our study entitled ‘’Family planning practice among the parents of beta thalassemia major in Makran division patient Baluchistan: a cross-sectional study” under the supervision of the Department of Gynecology and Physiology. The Makran division is a remote and resource-constrained area of Baluchistan with a sufficient burden of thalassemia in this region. Our study is the first of its kind reporting family planning practice and its association factors in Baluchistan.
 We would like your insights and consideration before submitting the manuscript.

Zarnum Gul
Final year MBBS Student
MMC Turbat,
Baluchistan – Pakistan.


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