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Let us get ready for collective punishment


Islam is a complete way of life and it should not be confined to just religious rituals. Golden Islamic principles are seen best being practiced in the West and not in most of the Muslim countries. Western countries take care of the elderly, ensure social justice, provision of basic healthcare and education, equal opportunities to everyone to progress and prosper, uphold merit in selection, appointment and promotions. A woman can walk and drive alone not only during the day but at night as well without any fear and security concerns. At the time of their religious festivities, the stores reduce prices so that everyone could celebrate it while the opposite is true in Pakistan.

Just two weeks before the start of Ramzan, Banana and many other fruits have disappeared from the market. The quality is compromised. Wholesale agents indulge in hoarding with the result that all eatables become much more expensive during Ramzan. The Governments never asks them to do so but we all indulge in such malpractices. Everyone in business and traders in particular tries to multiply their profits and then would also go to Performa Umra which has become a status symbol for the rich and affluent class and they do it every year.

Each one of us as a citizen of this country is responsible for having contributed our share to the current sad state of affairs in the country. Pakistan is known to be one of the few countries in the world which top the list as regards charity and philanthropy but still we see beggars everywhere on the streets. Millions of children are out of school. Murder of merit goes on everywhere. It is not the competence and ability which can ensure the youth jobs but it is the connections with those in the power corridors.

Depressed and frustrated they are leaving the country and we are being deprived of this talent who could have played vital role in strengthening the economy. Look at the mess created by the politicians who are working overtime to ensure that political stability is never achieved. Many of them deserve mental health check-up to see if they are eligible to hold any public office at all. We as a Nation are never prepared to learn from our mistakes but keep on repeating them again and again. Hence if we are bent upon retaining this state of affairs, let us all get ready for collective punishment.

The unprecedented torrential rains, floods could be a warning sign from God Almighty. The builder’s mafia and real estate tycoons have deprived the cities of its Parks and Playgrounds and now even fertile lands adjacent to the big cities is being converted into Housing Societies with the result that in not too distant future we will have to import even essential food items. While on one hand the affluent class owns Farm House and residences spread on acres of land, billions of poor are deprived of any shelter. The successive governments have also failed to improve the basic health infrastructure and ensure basic primary education for everyone.

Let us remember Angels will not come to our rescue and if we all fail to wake up and start thinking in the national interest, perform our duties, pay taxes honestly, must realize our responsibilities as well while asking for our rights, situation is not going to improve. At the end of the day, each one of us will suffer and the country will suffer the most. Let us hope and pray that things will improve in the days to come if we all start working honestly and uphold professional ethics where ever we are.


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