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Judiciary & Medical Profession both need skills and must adhere to high ethical standards

Diagnostic inaccuracies erode trust in medical profession – Justice Shahid Waheed

ISLAMABAD: Judiciary and medical profession both require skills and both must adhere to high ethical standards. Both play vital role in the society and their decisions have far reaching implications. This was stated by Mr. Justice Shahid Waheed Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was speaking at the 6th Convocation of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine held at Islamabad on April 27th where he was invited as chief guest.

Newly inducted Fellows of PSIM photographed with Justice Shahid Waheed Judge of the Supreme Court of Paksitan who was the chief guest at the 6th Convocation of PSIM held at Islamabad recently.

Members of the medical profession Justice Shahid Waheed further stated represent beacon of hope. They have passion for medicine and believe in ethics and integrity. Currently we are facing lot of challenges. People have limited access to health care. We are facing professional brain drain. We have poor infrastructure and high mortality. We need to improve the quality of care. However, diagnostic errors, he said, erode trust in the medical profession. During the recent Covid19 pandemic we have learnt many lessons. During these times of uncertainty members of the medical profession represent beacon of hope and healing.

Justice Shahid Waheed termed doctors as “Medical Sufis” who have compassion, holistic approach. You can take care of emotional as well physical well being of the patients. You have very close and detailed conversation with patients who have confidence in you. Healthcare professionals also manage stress; in fact you are incredible people. You should enjoy trust of the patient and make sure that you do no harm. You heal their wounds and provide service to the ailing humanity. You are innovators, Sufis, philosophers and healers, he remarked.

Prof. Javed Akram President of PSIM in his address said that as internists we were feeling left out although in the past it used to be a glory and everybody wanted to be an internist. However, now every one wish to become specialist. Internal Medicine as a specialty was falling apart. We took up this challenge and revived this important discipline of medicine. We as internists see all sort of patients and can treat almost 90% of the diseases while the rest of the patients we can refer to specialists if need be. During their training for MBBS, the medical students have no exposure to specialized disciplines but they are only exposed to internal medicine. We have brought back glory to this discipline of Internal Medicine and this as a discipline has changed a lot during the last ten years. PSIM he further stated has established the Cash Less “Aap Ka Clinic” at Lahore where specialists from different disciplines examine referred patients free. These patients also get all the required investigations and drugs free of cost.

Earlier Prof. Aftab Mohsin chairman of the organizing committee welcomed the chief guest and read a citation paying him rich tributes for his competence and contributions. PSIM, he said, has provided a platform to healthcare professionals. We believe in excellence and encourage younger generation to achieve excellence.

Mr. Justice Shahid Waheed also administered oath to the newly elected five Honorary and ten full Fellows of PSIM. Later the PSIM fellows had a group photograph with the chief guest.


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