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FJMU Faculty & FJMCAANA visits Kashani Basti in Rajan Pur

RAJAN PUR: An important highlight of the FJMU Annual International Scientific Conference 2023 was a two-day visit to Kashani Basti in District Rajan Pur by the senior faculty and alumni from FJMU as an initiative to empower the local community. They were accompanied by the Custom Healthcare Society. The delegation was led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Mahmood Gondal. Other members were Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, patron of the Custom Healthcare Society, Dr. Hibba Haider, Dr. Fizza Rafiq, Dr. Fauzia Anwer, and other prominent members.

The primary objective of the visit was to oversee the progress of rehabilitation efforts initiated after the destructive floods in 2022. This included various activities, beginning with a medical camp, where the team provided healthcare services to the locals. They also visited the local school, engaged with teachers and excited students, and exchanged gifts, fostering a sense of connection and support.

Another significant aspect was the acknowledgment and appreciation of local craftsmanship. The women of the community displayed their needlecraft, which was highly admired by the FJMU team. To support their economic sustainability, the team purchased these crafts, recognizing them as a means of income generation. A shop was also inaugurated within the community, aiming to support local businesses. Additionally, they provided practical assistance to a vendor by presenting a cart to help establish a sustainable source of income. To further aid the community, goats were donated to allow locals to produce milk and start a herd.

In the realm of humanitarian support, more than 300 households were provided with warm clothes and blankets, addressing essential needs of the community. The alumni expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the effective utilization of their donation funds, emphasizing their appreciation for FJMU and Custom Healthcare Society’s efforts. On the other hand, the local inhabitants conveyed their gratitude and a strong commitment to utilizing these efforts to become better contributors to society. (PR)


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