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FEMGPT KIOSK installed atJPMC Gynae Department

KARACHI: In a momentous stride towards advancing healthcare, PharmEvo has successfully installed the inaugural FEMGPT KIOSK in the Gynae Department, Ward-8 of the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi. Prof. Dr. Haleema Yasmin, the Head of Gynecology, inaugurated this milestone alongside esteemed dignitaries including Prof. Dr. Shahid Rasool (Executive Director JPMC), Prof. Dr. Tariq Mehmood (T.I) & HOD Radiology, Prof. Dr. Syed Masroor (Principal SMC & HOD Medicine), Prof. Dr. Khalid Sher (Chairperson Academic Council & HOD Neurology), and Prof. Dr. Amjad Siraj (Vice Chancellor JSMU).

Prof. Haleema Yasmin inaugurating PharmEvo FEMGPT KIOSK established at Gynae Depart-ment, Ward-8 of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi.

This innovative KIOSK heralds a new era in Gynecology, fostering a digital, AI-driven Academic Platform engaging all Gynae Doctors. Prof. Dr. Haleema Yasmin expresses optimism about how this initiative will bolster doctors’ expertise, providing invaluable resources for their practice, thereby elevating the standard of patient care in Gynecology.
Prof. Dr. Shahid Rasool commended this groundbreaking initiative as a pivotal step in the era of Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing AI’s self-learning capabilities, and its evolving role within the medical landscape. (PR)


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