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China is also keen to help improve Healthcareand Education in Pakistan-Yang Yundong

Large number of Pakistani students are at present
studying in China in different disciplines

KARACHI: CPEC has ensured tremendous Chinese investment in Paksitan which will help strengthen its economy while we are also keen to help improve healthcare and education in Paksitan. At present a large number of Pakistani students are studying in China in different fields including health sciences. This was stated by Yang Yundong Consul General of Peoples Republic of China in Karachi. He was talking to Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Professional Medical Publications publishers of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences and Pulse International who called on him on March 12th 2024. Mr. Shang Hailong, Li Chong Vice Consuls in the Chinese Consulate and Mr. Mubarak Ali Production Editor of PMP were also present on this occasion.

Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Professional Medical Publications
talking to the Chinese Consul in Karachi Mr. Yang Yundong
during the meeting held on March 12, 2024.

Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid apprised the Consul General that a large number of research scientists from China were contributing their manuscripts to Paksitan Journal of Medical Sciences for the last many years. Over the past few years the number of submissions has increased. We practice open peer review system and many papers get published once they are approved after peer review. He further told him that he had visited China for the first time in 1985 to attend laryngeal cancer conference in Shenyang when he also visited various medical universities in Beijing and Shanghai, offices of Chinese Medical Association in Beijing besides visiting Institute of Ophthalmology and Institute of ENT Diseases in Beijing. He again visited China in the Year 2006, 2008 and 2009 to attend medical conferences at Beijing and Shanghai.

During the current year 2024 so far Chinese researchers have submitted one hundred sixty four papers to Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences of which sixty nine have been published and nineteen have been accepted for publication. Chinese Traditional Medicine has also made lot of progress and now numerous scientific studies are being conducted, in some cases these products are combined with allopathic drugs to treat different disorders with good results. The Consul General remarked that many students from Pakistan were also studying use of herbal drugs which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicines. He also presented copies of Paksitan Journal of Medical Sciences and Pulse International to the Chinese Consul General.

China has made tremendous progress and at present the maximum number of scientific papers are coming from China and it is hoped that by 2025 China is expected to become Global leader in medical research and clinical trials. China, he said, has come to Pakistan’s rescue at numerous critical occasions. Even during Covid19 pandemic, Chinese government once again proved to be a great trustworthy friend and donated millions of doses of Chinese’s Vaccine to Pakistan which helped to control this pandemic. Chinese Government has also built a Research Center at University of Health Sciences at Lahore which was the main center for the clinical trial of Chinese Covid vaccine.

People of Pakistan, he further stated, love China and appreciate their help and assistance in different fields. Pakistani Pharmaceutical industry imports Pharmaceutical APIs, equipment and machinery for drug manufacturing plants while medical equipment is also being imported from China. There was a need to further enhance academic collaboration between the medical professions of both the friendly countries. Many distinguished speakers from China come to Pakistan and contribute to the scientific programme of medical conferences organized by various professional societies. This collaboration needs to be further strengthened. He further apprised the Chinese Consul General that he will be visiting China in the last week of March and hope to visit various medical universities and healthcare facilities to have fruitful discussions with the healthcare professionals to discuss avenues for enhanced academic collaboration.


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