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Most medical schools have poor Governance hence restructuring should be the first priority

Third Plenary session at ICHPE organized by UOL

Most medical schools have poor Governance hence restructuring should be the first priority

Spend more money on faculty and train them in Research

Artificial Intelligence is being extensively used in Research

and we need to be smarter than AI

LAHORE: The speakers in the Third Plenary session during the international Conference on Health Professions Education organized by Univesity of Lahore on November 2nd 2023 included Prof. Salman, Dr. Linda Jones and Prof. Rehan Ahmad Khan.

Prof. Salman President of International Association of Medical Colleges shared details regarding the working of IAMC. He pointed out that the document regarding standardization and recognition, is upgraded every two years. The objective is to improve the quality of medical education to prepare next generation of doctors. The institutions are required to define their responsibilities and activities. What we do we visit medical schools to improve quality not for accreditation. We can improve quality of education by improving the whole institution. We ask them for lot of documents. The visiting team has four members from outside and one from within the country. They visit for a week or may be longer. We look at what is the Governance? Most medical schools have very poor governance. Restructuring the setup is the first priority. We look at the vision and mission of the institution. Look at the curriculum which is a live document. During the visit we have intensive interview with the faculty and other teachers.

He emphasized the importance of continuous learning. Even after retirement we continue to learn. We try to make sure that the institutions are caring for future generation of doctors. We need to learn about primary health. They are the only one who should have the title of Doctor others are teachers. In a Holistic way we should have the family and community outlook. Institutions, Prof. Salman stated must spend more money on the faculty. What they need we put a stamp on it. Institutions should train the faculty in research capacity and put it all on the website, he remarked.

Dr. Linda Jones in her presentation opined that one should export one’s own approach to creativity. Make sure to engage with the institutions. While teaching and training, use different modalities like storytelling and humor to make it interesting for the participants. What stories are used is also important, she added.

Prof. Rehan Ahmad Khan discussed the “Role of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching, Assessment and Research. AI, he said, was being used in healthcare including for heart disease monitoring, stress monitoring, and body temperature monitoring as well as blood pressure measurement. The question arises, Should we trust it? It is not supervised learning. With AI students make decisions based on generative AI.

Artificial Intelligence is being extensively used for improving the writing. By using AI one can refine the write up. He then referred to various AI tools and software’s available. Research Rabbit is used for research. Prof. Rehan Khan was of the view that we have to be smarter than AI. He also discussed future directions and challenges. During the discussion, financial implications of the visit by International Association of Medical Colleges was discussed. Responding to a question Prof. Rehan Ahmad khan said that we use AI a lot in systematic review. Using AI we can develop Critical thoughts in faculty. Students use AI and the faculty should be able to analyze it, he remarked.


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