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Workshop on Brachial Plexusorganized by Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neurosciences Trust

KARACHI: Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neurosciences Trust organized a workshop on brachial plexus titled “Bringing together expertise: Multidisciplinary approach in brachial plexus management” on 24th Feb 2024, at Mahboob Moon Learning Resource Center. The objective of the Workshop was to provide participants with theoretical aspects followed by hands-on experience in assessment and treatment modalities as well as an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to brachial plexus management.
The workshop consisted of two parts i.e.

Group Photograph of participants of workshop on brachial plexus organized
by Rabia Moon Memorial Institute of Neurosciences Trust.

• Theoretical aspect
• Hands-on training

Dr. S. Kiran, a consultant family physician discussed the architecture of the brachial plexus, injuries, signs and symptoms, and treatment options from a doctor’s perspective. When and why to seek rehabilitation.

Ms. Urooj Raza, a certified physiotherapist, explained in detail the medical conditions and injuries. She and a colleague demonstrated the strategies and maneuvers to the participants during her presentation.

Ms. Mariam Feroz (occupational therapist) discussed how occupational therapy can assist people in restoring their gross and fine motor skills.

Ms Sidra Aslam (orthotist) demonstrated various types of splints used in the rehabilitation of brachial plexus injuries.

These presentations addressed various elements of brachial plexus injury. Participants regarded the events to be beneficial, and they acknowledged receiving updates on the most recent advancements.

Hands-on Workshops

Practical workshops were designed to provide participants with hands-on experience with diagnostic tools and rehabilitation therapy for brachial plexus injuries. There were seven simulated patients on which students performed history taking, examination, assessment, and plan their management for every case.
These workshops, led by specialists, provided an exceptional chance for participants to enhance their skills and build competency. The event served as a networking platform, bringing together experts and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. Aasma Mehak, a 4th-year Physiotherapy student of NIPARS, secured a 1-month free internship at the institute after scoring highest in evaluations.
Certificates of participation were distributed among participants. (PR)


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