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Discovering Diabetes hosts workshop on healthy eating and lifestyle changes to prevent NCDs

Fast Food outpaces smoking in mortality rate – Dr. Shagufta Feroz
Many Chronic Diseases Reversible with Proper Lifestyle

Techniques-Dr.Munira Abbasi

KARACHI: Discovering Diabetes organized a workshop on healthy eating and lifestyle changes for the prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, at DIMC Ojha Campus on May 2, 2024. The speakers included Dr. Shagufta Feroz, Founder President of the Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine and Director of RIPHAH Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at RIPHAH University. She pointed out that Fast Food poses a greater risk to health than smoking, with a tenfold increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke associated with excessive consumption.

Dr. Shagufta Feroz

Lifestyle medicine, she further stated is now recognized as foundational medicine, has gained prominence with the establishment of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in 2004. It is distinguished by its basis in behavior change theory and its focus on both physicians and patients. WHO guidelines on self-care interventions for health and wellbeing were released in June 2021, underscoring the importance of lifestyle in combating non-communicable diseases, which account for approximately two-thirds of deaths.

Dr. Munira Abbasi

Despite this, nutrition education remains scarce in both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, a critical pillar of lifestyle medicine. Advocates recommend a predominantly plant-based diet. Speaking about the “8 Rules of Correct Eating” she mentioned consuming natural foods, managing portion sizes, observing meal timings and combinations, varying food choices, quantifying intake, considering food temperature, and maintaining proper hydration. It is suggested that tea be consumed before meals, akin to water, and that dietary diversity be encouraged to avoid overreliance on any single food item. Additionally, it’s advised to refrain from consuming hot wheat and chilled water.

Dr. Munira Abbasi, Consultant Physician in Endocrinology and Lifestyle Medicine was the other speaker who discussed the transformative power of lifestyle during her talk. She emphasized that with proper techniques, many chronic diseases can be reversed, contradicting conventional teachings and training. Quoting Hippocrates, she highlighted that ‘Walking is man’s best medicine.’ Dr. Abbasi advocated for incorporating lifestyle discussions into medical consultations, suggesting that physicians should allocate at least five minutes to discuss lifestyle with each patient.

Discovering Diabetes by PharmEvo organized a Workshop on Life Style Medicine at DIMC Ojha Campus recently. Group photograph taken on the occasions shows the facilitator’s alongwith the organizers and some faculty members.

She further stated that the glymphatic system, crucial for brain health, is primarily activated during restorative sleep at night, underscoring the importance of quality sleep. In the USA, patients have the right to sue if their physician fails to address necessary lifestyle changes, highlighting the significance of this often overlooked field. Dr. Abbasi stressed the need for advocacy to promote societal well-being.

Earlier, Prof. Iftikhar Ahmed, Principal of Dow International Medical College, emphasized the importance of lifestyle medicine at a mass level. He lamented the disastrous dietary habits influenced by Western chains and food delivery services like Foodpanda, contributing to the rise of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and PCOS.

Dr. Masood Jawaid, Director Medical affairs at PharmEvo thanked speakers and the participants for gracing the occasion with their presence. He also highlighted the importance of such discussion for a healthier society. (PR)


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