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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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August 15-31 2015
Volume 16 Number 16


Islamabad has one of the most
fractured health services

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Capital of Pakistan which should have the best health services has the most fractured healthcare set up. At present twenty nine different departments are working for health often running parallel programmes with no coordination among them says Prof. Javed Akram, Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

 The role of exercise in prevention of Coronary
Artery Disease, Stroke and Other Disorders

Physical activity in any form is very important strategy. It costs nothing-aerobic exercise at least 30 mins a day on most of the weekdays aided by muscle flexibility (stretching before and after exercise regime) and muscle strengthening exercises are very effective and preventive measures. Running is more effective than brisk walking in reducing weight, while brisk walking is more effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Exercises done before breakfast are more helpful in reducing and maintaining an ideal weight. A schedule that allows physical activity for a few minutes every working hour of the day is far more practical and highly beneficial.

Diet plays an important role in management
of diabetes - Dr. Shehla Akram

ISLAMABAD: In the second session of Familycon organized by Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians here on July 26th, Prof. Waris Qidwai from Aga Khan University talked about management of hypertension by Family Physicians. He pointed out that in 1945 President Roosevelt was suffering from hypertension but instead of finding some effective drugs to treat high blood pressure, they were busy in World War and thinking how to drop Atom bomb on Japan. 

a long-awaited addition to the medical writings

It is indeed a privilege to get a copy of “Plight of a Medical editor” written by Shaukat Ali Jawaid (SAJ) Chief Editor of Pulse International and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences.  In addition to story of his life and personal and professional accomplishments in the field of medical journalism, this book is an interesting reading with full of stories, myths, hidden facts and personal recollections about medical profession in our country. 


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