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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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August 15-31, 2018
Volume 19 Number 16


The Pioneer medical teachers at King Edward
Medical College who were Role Models and inspiring

At Independence Pakistan inherited three medical colleges in the West Pakistan and one in the East Pakistan. In the West Pakistan King Edward Medical College was the oldest established in 1860, Dow Medical College, Karachi and Balak Ram Medical College at Lahore were the newly established medical colleges. Balak Ram Medical College was converted to “Fatima Jinnah Medical College” for women only. Dacca Medical College was also the newly established Medical College. Calcutta Medical College was the oldest medical college in India. Staff from the Calcutta Medical College helped in the establishment of the King Edward Medical College, Lahore.

Unique initiative by AKU for partnership for
innovation in healthcare and medical education

KARACHI: Entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and researchers belonging to three different private organizations have joined hands and decided to enter into a strategic partnership to promote innovations in healthcare and medical education. A formal MOU was signed here on August 7th by Mr. Firoze Rasul President of AKU and Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed Director Digital Health and Strategic Projects in PharmEvo and President OPEN. Dr. Asad Mian Director, Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) Forum was also present on the occasion.

UHS to host National Conference on
Medical Journalism from January 18-20th 2019

LAHORE: University of Health Sciences (UHS) has decided to organize a National Conference on Medical Journalism from January 18-20th 2019. Distinguished Editors of various medical journals from all over the country besides a few delegates from Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE are also being invited to participate and enrich the conference deliberations with their presentations. The main objectives of the conference are to promote the art of medical writing, scientific publishing and research culture in the country to increase Pakistan’s contribution to medical literature.

UHS to establish 1500-Bed most modern Hospital,
International Medical College-Javed Akram

LAHORE: Prof. Javed Akram who has now taken over now as the new Vice Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences has announced that UHS will establish a 1500-Bed state of the art hospital besides establishing a most modern medical college which will give preference to foreign medical students during admission.


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