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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

current issue

December 15-31, 2019
Volume 20 Number 24


Govt. planning to regulate funding by Pharma
Trade and Industry for medical conferences,
academic activities

ISLAMABAD: Fed up with the ever increasing demands for funding by the organizers of medical conferences, seminars and symposia, some representatives of the pharmaceutical trade and industry are reported to have approached the Government of Pakistan to come to their rescue.

People suffering from disorders of sexual
development should be treated with
compassion and sensitivity-Tasnim Ahsan

KARACHI: Pakistan Endocrine Society arranged a special session specially focusing on the Disorders of Sexual development (DSD) and transgender care during the recently organized 17th Annual Conference in Karachi which was attended by a large number of Health care professionals.

Study by National Epilepsy Centre
highlights reduction in Treatment Gap and
Stigma through volunteers

Karachi: National Epilepsy Centre, Karachi has recently published a manuscript highlighting 30 years of sustained effort by a group of volunteers in reducing Treatment -Gap and Stigma in Pakistan It has been published under the title of ‘Epilepsy Treatment Gap and Stigma reduction in Pakistan; a tested public awareness model’ in the journal ‘Epilepsy & Behavior’.

In future fully integrated academic, healthcare system will
be a norm and not an exception-Prof. Hossam Hamdy

ISLAMABAD: Prof. Azim Mirzazadeh from Iran was the first speaker in this session during the International Medical Education Conference 2019 organized by Riphah International University from 19-21st October.

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