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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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November 15-30, 2018
Volume 19 Number 22


Successive Governments have failed to
implement NBC Guidelines on Physician’s
Interaction with Pharma Trade and Industry

ISLAMABAD: Pharmaceutical trade and industry all over the world sponsors medical conferences, seminars, symposia as well as all other Continuing Medical Education Programmes for the medical profession but they have some principles, clearly laid down guidelines which are implemented in letter and spirit. However, in Pakistan in the absence of any monitoring and accountability, over the years the situation has gone from bad to worse. Pharma industry is now also fed up with the ever increasing demands for more and more funding from the medical profession for organizing these conferences at Five Star Hotels. 

Internal examiners eliminated from
undergraduate, postgraduate examinations

LAHORE: November 05: In order to ensure transparency in the practical examinations, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) has decided to do away with the internal examiners in all professional undergraduate and postgraduate examinations. This was decided in 54th meeting of UHS Syndicate held here recently with Vice Chancellor Prof. Javed Akram in the chair.

PM&DC should also categorize medical Journals
based on their standard like HEC-Prof. Tariq Rafi

KARACHI: Two more junior editors Dr. Usman Ghani Associate Editor of Rawal Medical Journal from Islamabad and Mr. Rehan Ahsan Malik Manager Life and Science Journal which will soon be published by National University of Medical Sciences successfully completed the week long training course for Junior Editors on November 10th 2018. They were the recipients of Dr. Maqbool Jafary Memorial Scholarship for Junior Editors started by Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences in memory of their founder Chief Editor. The course started on November 5th 2018.

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