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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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May 1-14 2016
Volume 17 Number 9


Thyroid Diseases accounts for 1.5% of
all solid cancer-Prof. Fabrice Menegaux

KARACHI: Management of various diseases require multidisciplinary team work. There are medical and surgical problems. It is immaterial to discuss whose domain it is. The person who know his job, has developed expertize in a particular field and has good results because of experience should be managing the patients. This was stated by Prof. Mumtaz Maher, an eminent laparoscopic and colorectal surgeon while speaking at the Third Annual Surgical Week for Endocrine Diseases held at JPMC from March 28-31st 2016.

Polypharmacy is the curse of
Modern Medicine- Dr. Fraz Mir

LAHORE: On Day three of the International Medical Conference organized by Azra Naheed Medical College in collaboration with Royal College of Physicians London, Dr. Peter Trewby spoke on ethical dilemmas in medicine. He pointed out that in medicine ethical principles provides a framework to help us make difficult clinical decisions. He then mentioned the four well known principles of medical ethics i.e. Autonomy, Justice, (to manage the patients in relation to others)Beneficence (to preserve life, restore health and relieve suffering or do well) and Non-maleficence i.e. Avoid harm. 

CARDIOCON 2016 at Faisalabad
from Nov. 25-27, 2016

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Cardiac Society is holding its 46th annual conference named as CARDIOCON 2016 at Faisalabad from November 25-27th 2016. Prof. Muhammad Naeem Aslam Professor of Cardiology at Punjab Medical College/ Allied Hospital is the Convener of the conference while Prof. Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry is the Co-convener. Theme of the conference is Global Heart Health in 21st Century: Prevention to Treatments”.

 928 Angiographies and 297 Angioplasties
performed during 2013-2015

FAISALABAD: Cardiac Center established at District Headquarters Hospital Faisalabad on self-help basis was formally commissioned on December 17th 1994. This is the pioneer cardiac institute which is providing emergency as well as diagnostic services to the seriously sick cardiac patients for the last two decades. The first block was started in an abandoned store of the hospital while four new blocks were constructed later on self-help basis to accommodate the increased number of patties.


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