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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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April 15-30, 2018
Volume 19 Number 8


We need to adopt best standards and
practices to ensure provision of universal
healthcare - Lt. Gen. S. Imran Majeed

ISLAMABAD: We have just eight thousand hospital beds in Rawalpindi-Islamabad though we need about thirty six thousand hospital beds. Let us try and learn from military model. At present almost 40% of supervisors and examiners of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan for Fellowship exam are from Army. We are now planning to build a Medical City for which details are being worked out. We have accomplished much but a lot more needs to be done. To ensure universal health coverage, we need to adopt best standards and practices. 

 Thyroid Cancer should be a
Pre-operative diagnosis-Neil Tolley

KARACHI: Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre organized its 5th annual Endocrine Surgical Week which concluded on March 15th 2018.  Prof. Mark R. J.  Lansdown and Prof. Neil Tolley from UK were the two distinguished Master Trainers. The course was very well attended by Head & Neck Surgeons as well as general surgeons interested in endocrine diseases. Keeping up the past traditions the registration was mandatory but free and the participants also got CME credit for attending this academic activity.

Insulin pump ensures customized insulin delivery
as per requirement of the body- Shazlee Naseer

LAHORE: One of the scientific sessions during the Second International Medical Conference organized by Shalamar Medical & Dental College from February 2-4th was devoted to Endocrinology. This was moderated by Prof. Bilal Bin Younis.

Healthcare Professionals should follow SOPs
and ensure ethical practice to prevent infections

KARACHI: Mir Khalilur Rehman Memorial Society from Jang Group of Publications in collaboration with PMA and Otsuka Pakistan organized a seminar on March 21st to create awareness about measures which can prevent infections. Speakers in their presentations highlighted the importance of ethical medical practice and hazards associated with pricking of Intravenous Infusion bottles which is considered as one of the major risk factor for spread of hepatitis and other infections. 


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