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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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November 15-30, 2017
Volume 18 Number 22


Patient safety is a political, not physician’s problem
in Pakistan and you need to create a culture
of professionalism - Paul Barach

KARACHI: Patient safety is a political problem and not a physician’s problem in Pakistan and you need to create a culture of professionalism. This was stated by Dr. Paul Barach from Wayne State University United States of America. If Road Traffic Accidents are prevented, it will reduce workload on healthcare facilities to a great extent.  He was delivering a Thematic Keynote address at the 2nd International Conference on Patient Safety jointly organized by Riphah International University Islamabad and Aga Khan University at AKU Campus from October 28-29th 2017.

Pakistan is faced with Triple burden of Infectious,
Chronic and NCDs - Dr. Adnan Hyder

KARACHI: Pakistan is currently facing a triple burden of infectious, chronic and Non-communicable diseases. A vast majority of the patients suffering from hypertension and diabetes mellitus remain un-diagnosed which is an un-treated burden. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) have increased as compared to infectious diseases and almost 61% mortality is due to Ischemic Heart Diseases. This was stated by Dr. Adnan Ali Hyder an eminent researcher from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA.

Research is useless if it is not available
for policy making - Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji

KARACHI: Any research is useless if it is not available for policy making. Doctors should do research to solve health problems and not for paper to get promotion which should be a by-product. This was stated by Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji former Director of Knowledge Management, Research and Ethics in World Health Organization. He was speaking at the Second International Medical Research Conference organized by Health Research Advisory Board (Health RAB) here on October 29th 2017.

Patient Safety means Doing Right Things
on Right Patients - Dr. Ole Tjomsland

KARACHI: The first scientific session of the Second International Conference on Patient Safety held at Aga Khan University was chaired by Prof. Shabbir Ahmed Lehri President of PM&DC along with Lt. Gen. Azhar Rashid Principal IIMC while Mr. Haroon Qasim moderated the session. Prof. Ole Tjomsland from Norway was the first speaker who spoke about “Unwarranted variations in healthcare-present and future challenges”.  He was of the view that we spend almost 34% in healthcare which is just waste because of over use of facilities or due to lack of collaboration. He emphasized the importance of improving the quality and reducing unacceptable practices.


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