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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

  current issue  

September 15-30 2014
Volume 15 Number 18




Children, Adolescents and parents need to
be educated regarding potential hazards
of consuming energy drinks

Increasing use of energy drinks by children, adolescents in the Asian countries are likely to emerge as another public health problem. First they were addicted to the Fast Food and now energy drink producers are attracting the youth who are not aware of their adverse effects. In a comprehensive Review published in the current issue of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences ( entitled “ Energy Drinks: Getting Wings but at what Health Cost”.

Use broad spectrum antibiotics in
high doses for longer duration for
treatment of foot ulcers-Prof. Basit

KARACHI: Prof. Abdul Basit, Executive Director of Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) who is also chairperson of Pakistan Working Group on Diabetic Foot gave a plenary talk at the Diabetic Foot Symposium held here recently. This session was jointly chaired by Dr. A. Samad Shera and Prof. Jamil Ahmad Dean Faculty of Medicine at Baqai Medical University.

Conference on Publication Ethics at
Shiraz on December 4-5, 2014

SHIRAZ (IRAN): Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, COPE, and Iranian Society of Medical Editors are holding the second international conference on Publication Ethics on 4-5 December 2014, in Shiraz, Iran. It will be a joint collaboration between the same institutions. The topics which have been s elected for the conference include Authorship Criteria. Plagiarism, Data Fabrication, Data Falsification, Conflict of Interest, Redundant Publication, Double Submission, -Challenges and Approaches in Implementing Ethics in Scientific Publication, Ethics Education and Ethical Standards for Editors.

Cheaper alternative to licensed drug for
treating eye disease has similar side-effects

Health policies which favour using ranibizumab for treating eye disease in older people over safety concerns for a cheaper alternative should take account of a new Cochrane Review published last week. The researchers looked at the results of studies which compared the safety of two drugs used for treating age-related macular degeneration, ranibizumab and bevacizumab.


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