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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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May 15-31 2015
Volume 16 Number 10


We should become one voice against
Mafias to promote good practices-Ayub Sheikh

KARACHI: Drug Pricing Policy has been approved, it is transparent. If volume increases but profit margins are reduced, even then the overall profit will increase. All new molecules will be allowed average price in India and Bangladesh while Generics will get a  price of  30% less than the original molecule. However, there will be no compromise on Good Manufacturing Practices.  Time has come that we should become one voice against Mafias to promote good practices. 

Despite political issues, let us create some
space for free flow of academicians and
research scientists- Dr. Liaquat Ali

DHAKA (BANGLADESH): South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES) is a young society. We can achieve excellent results if we walk together. We should learn from each other. Clinicians, professional health workers, activists should join hands. It is not only the guidelines which are important but we must take the agenda forward. Despite the political situation, we must create some space for free flow of academicians and research scientists between our countries.

Knowledge the participants have gained
should bring a change in their practice-Wasim Jafri

KARACHI: World Gastroenterology Organization, Karachi Training Center organized a workshop on Update on Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders here on May 2, 2015. Prof. Sadick Memon from Hyderabad was the first speaker who presented a case of Non Cardiac Chest Pain (NCCP). His patient was a 29 years old who complained of chest pain. GERD, he said, is the major cause of NCCP in which only quality of life is impaired while in cardiac chest pain immediate intervention is required. 

ISC Database at present has 3042 Journals
from 48 countries- M. Javed Dehghani

SHIRAZ (IRAN): On second day of the EMMJ6 Medical Journals conference held here from February 18-20, 2015, the afternoon session was jointly chaired by Karen Shashok and Mr. Farrokh Saidi. Mohammad Javed Dehghani from ISC was the first speaker who in his presentation disclosed that at present the number of journals in ISC database was 3042. It includes 39% in English, 20% in Arabic and the rest 41% are in other languages.  In all forty eight countries have sent their journals for coverage in ISC and the number of journals from Pakistan was twenty one. 


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