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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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February 15-28, 2021
Volume 22 Number 4


WHO urges countries to plan for their
national vaccination Programmes

GENEVA (SWITZERLAND): Seventy two countries have submitted vaccine requests for supply of Covid vaccine which were looked at by the six WHO Regional offices before taking a decisions for the distribution of the available vaccine doses.

China’s CanSino Covid Vaccine
Shows 65.7% efficacy

CanSino Biologics Inc.’s experimental coronavirus shot has an efficacy rate of 65.7% at preventing symptomatic cases based on an analysis from late-stage trials, making it the latest vaccine candidate to show some protection against Covid-19.

Online Education, TeleHealth has lot of limitations
and cannot replace conventional methods

KARACHI: The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has seriously disrupted the normal way of life, education and health services being no exception. As a stop gap arrangement, many institutions and professionals

Be careful while using Sanitizers to
protect yourself from Corona Virus

KARACHI: After reports by research investigators of increasing number of people using sanitizers develop ocular problems, reduction in eye sight and even total loss of eye sight, United States is reported to have banned a large number of these sanitizer preparations.

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