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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in pakistan

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December 15-31 2014
Volume 15 Number 24




Islamic World Science Citation
(ISC) currently covers 4000
Journals including 1046 in Science
and Technology-Prof. Jafar Mehrad

SHIRAZ (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN): Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) which is the third major database after ISI and Scopus at present covers four thousand journals from OIC as well as non-OIC countries which include 1046 journals in Science and Technology.  Journal Citation Report are published in English, Persian and Arabic while it plans to cover French language as well in the near future since French is spoken in many Muslim countries. 

 Media one feels takes pleasure
in projecting negative image
of Pakistan - Dr. Salah

KARACHI: Media in general and electronic media in particular one feels, takes pleasure in projecting negative image of Pakistan. Any little disturbance in the country anywhere is immediately highlighted as breaking news and the television channels keep on showing their images for hours as if nothing else is happening in the country. There is lot of good things happening all over Pakistan at the same time but it does not interest media and these issues are never highlighted.

 HCPs asked to listen to their
conscience and practice ethical medicine

KARACHI: Healthcare professionals in general and Family Physicians, General Practitioners in particular should listen to their conscience and practice ethical medicine. Do not ask for un-necessary investigations and laboratory tests which makes the healthcare costly which many patients cannot afford, hence they go to quacks which promotes quackery.

Role of Allied Health Professionals
in Healthcare Delivery System

Allied Health sciences is an emerging filed, giving new dimensions to solve the challenges being faced by health services providing communities all over the world. Allied Health Sciences deals with all major departments of a hospital like Emergency, ICU, Laboratory, and Operation Theatre. Allied Health Professionals provide services in all concerned departments of medical sciences like Ophthalmology, Optometry, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Dentistry, Surgery & Pathology etc.


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