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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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April 15-30, 2019
Volume 20 Number 8


Pakistan Live has emerged as an important
academic event in Pakistan where
Professional ethics are given due importance

LAHORE: Pakistan Live 2019 held here from 4-6th April attracted twenty seven speakers from overseas most of whom are renowned operators in the field of interventional cardiology besides over fifteen hundred participants from all over the country. The event was organized by Pakistan Society of Interventional Cardiology in collaboration with Pakistan Cardiac Society, American College of Cardiology, C3 and Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) United States. In fact Pakistan Live has now emerged as an important academic event in Pakistan which is a unique academic activity where professional ethics are also given due importance.

Pakistan needs 2000 adult and 800 Paediatric
rheumatologists-Prof. Sumaira Farman

KARACHI: Musculoskeletal (MSK) diseases are among the top three causes of ‘Years of Healthy Life Lost’ due to disability in the developing countries. Of the approximately 6-7 million children affected worldwide, almost 70% are in developing nations. Hence as per international standards, we need over two thousand adult and over 800 Pediatric Rheumatologists whereas we have just over sixty with only a handful having been trained on Paediatric Rheumatology. This was stated by Prof. Sumaira Farman, President of Pakistan Society of Rheumatology while speaking at the inaugural session of 23rd International Conference organized by PSR here from 14-17th, March 2019.

Change the mindset of those who matter & who
are sitting somewhere else-Prof. Daud Khan

PESHAWAR: Prof. Daud Khan founding Vice Chancellor of Khyber Medical University has urged the healthcare professionals to change the mindset of those who matter and who are not here but sitting somewhere else. You need to negotiate and convince them to let the doctors who are blessed with leadership a nd management skills to run and manage the medical institutons without any political interference. 

Early diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
will prevent structural damage-Prof.Kamran Hameed

KARACHI: Rheumatoid arthritis cusses joint damage besides lot of disability. This was stated by Prof. Kamran Hameed while speaking on Health Assessment in rheumatoid arthritis during the Pakistan Society of Rheumatology conference held here last month. He discussed in detail inflammation, disease progression and highlighted the importance of establishing correct diagnosis. He then talked about disease activity, extra articular manifestations, functional capacity, disability, co-morbidities, efficacy and toxicity of drugs besides rehabilitation needs of the patients. It is multimodality and everything cannot be defined as rheumatoid arthritis.

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