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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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April 1-14, 2021
Volume 22 Number 7


CPSP is gradually losing its independence and
autonomy which is a National Tragedy

Karachi: College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan is the only postgraduate medical institution from Pakistan which enjoys international recognition, credibility and its Fellowship is recognized internationally.

Pakistan has been going through dual
transformation in medical education
- Dr. Gohar Wajid

CAIRO: Pakistan has been going through dual transformation in medical education for the last few years and in view of the COVID19 pandemic, robust leadership of the medical profession is needed to tackle various issues and find a solution to numerous problems.

Sepsis Critical Care Pathway

Infection causes acute inflammation. It produces inflammatory mediators and cytokines pouring into the body fluids. Cytokines are also produced by antigen induced leucocytes. These two sources of cytokines cause systemic inflammatory response syndrome [SIRS].

Paediatric Surgeons should focus on surgical
disorders of newborn-Haroon Khursheed Pasha

KARACHI: Paediatric Surgeons should focus on diseases of newborn surgical disorders instead of running after general surgical disorders. If they do so and practice it, it will make a big difference in strengthening and promoting the discipline of Paediatric surgery in Pakistan.

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