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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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February 15-28, 2019
Volume 20 Number 4


With gradual development Medical Writing
and Research has evolved into a
specialty in its own right

LAHORE: Medial Writing is now a science. It has been evolving for centuries since the times of Al-Razi and Ibn-e-Sina who is known as the father of modern medicine and even before. These eminent scientists compiled their medical material in book-from with their personal experience in the 10th and 11th centuries over one thousand years ago. Over the centuries by gradual development, Medical Writing and Research has emerged as an important discipline and specialty in its own right on modern lines.

SMDC’s 3rd International Conference
attracts 1315 registered participants

LAHORE: Keeping up its past traditions, Shalamar Medical & Dental College successfully organized its Third International Conference from 2-3rd February 2019 which attracted 1315 registered delegates from all over the country besides a dozen delegates from overseas. The scientific highlights of the conference which was organized without any financial help and assistance from the pharmaceutical trade and industry included forty nine pre-conference workshops organized on 31st January and February 1st, seventy-eight invited speakers, and eighty five out of 140 abstracts were selected for oral presentations besides fifty four poster presentations.

SGLT2 inhibitors may increase the
risk of serious adverse events

The use of a new class of drugs in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, so called SGLT2 inhibitors, are linked to a twofold increased risk for lower-limb amputation as well as diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious diabetes complication. This is according to a Nordic study headed by researchers at Karolinska Institute and published in BMJ.

RCSI researchers develop new treatment for bone infection using copper-rich glass implant

DUBLIN: A team of researchers led by RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), have developed a new treatment for the particularly difficult-to-treat bone infection, osteomyelitis. Funded by Irish Research Council, European Research Council and AMBER, the SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) research Centre for materials science, the study is published in Biomaterials, the No. 1 ranked scientific journal in the field.

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