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October 15-31 2016
Volume 17 Number 20


Patients with seizure should be referred
to epileptologists to make final diagnosis

KARACHI: All patients who suffer from seizures should be referred to epileptologists to make correct diagnosis because misdiagnosed epilepsy costs millions. Detailed history is the cornerstone in making correct diagnosis of epilepsy. This was stated by Dr. Athanasios Kovanis President of International Bureau of Epilepsy (IBE) who is also President of the Greek ILAE and IBE chapters. He was making a presentation at a series of symposia held in Pakistan last month. The topic of his presentation was “Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy: Its Global Perspective”.

Pouch operations are now increasingly being done
laparoscopically in specialized centers-Robin Phillips

KARACHI: On Second Day of the Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC on September20th, Prof. Robin KS Phillips the visiting Master Trainer from UK made a presentation on Surgical Management of Ulcerative Colitis. He pointed out that those patients who fail to respond to medical therapy or have cancer are referred for surgery. In case of emergency surgery for ulcerative colitis, the surgeon should operate the patient along with Gastroenterologist. Exclude infections by doing stool cultures, start with steroids and antibiotics. TPN is a myth and it is not true. Plain abdomen X-ray was also suggested in these cases.

Pharmacists should collaborate with Regulatory
Agencies to improve pharmacy services and
regulatory compliance

KARACHI: In the recent issue of our sister publication Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Vol. 32 No.5 September-October 2016 issue we published a study by Dr. Shaukat Muttaqi and colleagues on Quality of Pharmacy Services and Regulatory Compliance which was supplemented with an Editorial on the same subject. This was picked up by the Print and electronic media which has tried to highlight some of the negative issues from this report. The media in general always prefers to pick up negative issues but the objective of publishing this excellent study was to highlight the poor quality of pharmacy service in Pakistan and the need to take effective measures for its improvement. 

Primary prevention is the basic requirement
for control of Heart Diseases

KARACHI: World Heart Day is being observed every year in the month of September since 1999 to create awareness regarding heart ailments which is considered number one cause of deaths annually. This year World Heart day was observed on 29th September all over the World. Pakistan Cardiac Society also observed this Day by arranging a seminar at a local hotel here on September 29th which was very well attended.  Dr. Usman Shah, Secretary Health Government of Sindh was the chief guest at the occasion. It was sponsored by M/s OBS Pakistan.


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