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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

current issue

July 1-14, 2020
Volume 21 Number 13


Government should review its strategy and
learn some lessons from the past mistakes

ISLAMABAD: The government decision to impose selective Smart Lockdown in various localities of Sindh, Punjab and Islamabad besides other areas may not achieve the desired objective. Pakistan Medical Association (C) has also rejected the smart lockdown and urged the government to follow the WHO advice of intermittent lockdown,

Corporate sector should make direct investment
in public hospitals rather than making donation
to Government

KARACHI: The current COVID19 Pandemic has thoroughly exposed the shortcomings of our health services and time has come when the corporate sector should come forward and make direct investment in improving and expanding services available at public hospitals.

Doctors should refrain to speak to media
on medical reports of political patients

LAHORE: Members of the medical profession should always uphold professional ethics and refrain, refuse to speak to the media on medical reports of political patients. Professional ethics demand that when they are called,

How to Get Most Out of a Medical
Conference, and Love it too!

Most of us have attended medical conferences and will continue to do so. I love attending them. Everyone has his own motives and ideas about attending these events.1 Many come back with nothing more to show than a conference bag.

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