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Simple prescription to ensure Good Health

If you seek to experience restful sleep, wake up feeling refreshed in the early morning, and enjoy good health, the prescription is simple. Refrain from watching Pakistani Television Channels between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM, especially the Talk Shows where self-proclaimed intellectuals often paint a consistently bleak picture of the country, unable to acknowledge any positive developments in Pakistan. Practice moderation in all aspects of life, avoiding overeating. Before retiring for the night, take a few moments for introspection. Consider whether you’ve contributed positively to society, extended help to colleagues, particularly those under your supervision, shared knowledge and experiences, and made significant contributions to fortify the nation.

When dealing with governmental departments, many of which are hotbeds of corruption, instead of cursing them, pray for divine guidance for those involved. Pray for their courage to earn a righteous living (Rizke Hilal) and execute their duties with honesty. Living in an independent country is an immense blessing, for which we should be grateful to Allah. Rather than focusing on those more affluent than ourselves, consider the many who lack the facilities we take for granted. Most individuals who enjoy a better position have likely achieved it through hard work, honesty, dedication, and, thus, received rewards from the Almighty. Contentment is also a divine blessing. Rizke Hilal ensures that our children progress and thrive in their chosen professions.

It’s crucial to equip the youth with knowledge, fostering critical thinking, promoting love and harmony, and viewing situations from a positive perspective. Challenges are ubiquitous in every country, but they are surmountable, by the grace of Allah. Recently, there has been a surge in migration to countries overseas, yet in the last two years, hate crimes and targeted attacks on foreigners in the UK, USA, and Canada have increased significantly. Shockingly, there was a shortage of essential drugs in the United States, the world’s wealthiest economy, including medications for conditions like ADHD and common antibiotics for infections like syphilis.1

While some continually paint a grim picture of the country, many eminent personalities, particularly within the medical profession, consistently portray a positive image of Pakistan regardless of the circumstances. Listening to their perspectives infuses a sense of optimism and secures a brighter future for the nation. These individuals have tirelessly worked, traveled extensively, and lived abroad but chose to return and serve their homeland. Notable figures like Prof. Abdul Bari Khan of the Indus Health Network, Prof. Adeeb Rizvi, founder of SIUT, Prof. Amar Aziz at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital Lahore, Prof. Shaharyar Sheikh, an esteemed cardiologist and former President of the World Heart Federation, Prof. Abdus Samad, another noted cardiologist, Surgeon Muhammad Rehman of Rehman Medical Institute in Peshawar, Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz, a prominent gastroenterologist, and the current caretaker Provincial Health Minister of Government of Sindh, all share a common trait—they pursued an honest path, ethical medicine, and are committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Don’t be swayed by the malicious propaganda on Social Media; it’s important to remember that over 90% of the information there might be incorrect, often driven by vested interests or specific agendas. Notably, Justice Jawad S. Khawaja, former Chief Justice of Pakistan, in his book “Slaughtered without a Knife,” thoroughly exposed many prominent journalists. 2Justice Khawaja, known for his integrity, stands alongside late Justice A. R. Cornelius as one of the most honest Chief Justices in Pakistan’s history. However, there are a few journalists who adhere to professional ethics and maintain credibility, earning respect in society.

Let us all contribute to the economic development of our beloved country, Pakistan, ensuring a better future for generations to come. Rather than seeking guidance from “Part-time Pakistanis” who gained everything from this country and settled overseas, visiting occasionally to sermonize on human rights and ethics, we should seek assistance from those residing in Pakistan, fully aware of ground realities. They can offer workable, cost-effective indigenous solutions to our problems. These individuals are abundant; all we need to do is request their help, respect their wisdom, and heed their advice and suggestions. 


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2. Jawad S. Khawaja. Slaughtered without a Knife. (Sixteen years a Judge). Published by Harsukh School, Lahore. Pakistan.2022.


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