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PharmEvo Research Forum approves Eleven Clinical Research Protocols for Funding

Out of 44 submissions, 20 were incomplete, 13 were short listed, two were excluded who won grants last year All approved proposals earned over 50% marks from the Advisors who evaluated these proposals.

KARACHI: PharmEvo Research Forum an entity established by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals to promote research culture in the country has approved eleven clinical research proposals for funding in its second year. The total number of research proposals received were forty-four. Out of this twenty were incomplete hence they were not considered. Twenty-four were reviewed out of which thirteen were short listed. Two were excluded since they had earned the grants last year as well as per policy to encourage more and more young researchers. All these proposals were then sent to at least two and at times to three Advisors of PharmEvo Research Forum for evaluation. All those proposals which earned more than 50% marks during this evaluation process were accepted for funding.

All those who have won these research grants have been intimated. They will get part of the approved research grant on provision of Ethics Committee/IRB approval of their studies. Some of the proposals approved last year and funded are now under publication. The winners are supposed to complete the study in a period of eighteen months and acknowledge the source of funding during publication.
Those whose research proposals have been approved this year and their title are as under:

  1. Comparison of outcome of treatment for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in treatment-naive, non-cirrhotic patients who receive decentralized service delivery across 2 intervention arms – Nida Ali
  2. Development of a service user, co-produced digital educational programme for Healthcare Professionals” to improve care for adolescents and young people following self-harm in Pakistan” – Maryam Ayub
  3. Comparison of weight gain in children with Severe Acute Malnutrition in rehabilitation phase using therapeutic feeding formula F-100 prepared by recipe method vs F-100 already available in prepared form – Saadia Khan
  4. Metabolic syndrome and its components and risk of steatosis liver disease in four phenotypes of polycystic ovarian syndrome -Tehmina Parveen
  5. Breaking the Silence: Exploring the Prevalence & Patterns of Sexual Harassment in Healthcare Settings in Pakistan – Sania Mumtaz Tahir
  6. Assessing bone fracture healing effect of almonds – A Randomized Controlled Trial – Zehra Abdul Muhammad
  7. Clinical impact of pre-Ramadan Diabetes education & treatment (non pharmacological and pharmacological) adjustment in patient with type 2 diabetes – Atif Munir
  8. The Correlation Between Urine Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A Cross-Sectional Study – Nousheen Iqbal
  9. Effect of Sodium valproate and Levetiracetam monotherapy on vitamin D & markers of bone metabolism among young epileptic Pakistani adults – Hina Aslam
  10. Psychotic disorders, suicidality, and their relationship with vitamin D deficiency among intersex (transgender) adults: A cross-sectional study on the mental health burden and challenges of intersex individuals with psychiatric disorders – Muaz Shafique Ur Rehman
  11. TRIAL of TRF Intervention in improving the outcomes of anovulation in women with PCOs in Pakistan – Ammara Abid


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