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Internship course for Diploma in Medical Journalism candidates

KARACHI: Arrangements are being made for the four days Internship for the eight candidates of second batch of advance Certificate in Medical Editing course leading to Diploma in Medical Journalism. The candidates will spend one day each at the three Impact Factor Journals of Pakistan i.e. on June 11th they will visit JPMA office where they will be briefed by Dr. Fatema Jawad and her team.

On June 12th they will visit office of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences where they will be briefed by Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Prof. Jamshed Akhtar. On June 13th they will spend at the offices of Journal of College of Physicians & Surgeons Paksitan and learn their working. On last day June 14th the candidates will be split into two groups who will then make their presentations. This session will also take place at CPSP.
The candidates enrolled in this batch include:

  1. Dr. Afifa Ehsan,
  2. Dr. Syed Ali Raza,
  3. Dr. Rabia Anjum.
  4. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal.
  5. Dr. Muhammad Asif,
  6. Dr. Sarah Ghafoor,
  7. Dr. Tayyaba Gul Malik
  8. Dr. Khalid Waheed.


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