Seminar on World TB Day at
Baqai University Hospital

KARACHI: To commemorate the World TB Day 2014, Department of Chest Medicine arranged day- long Seminar on Tuberculosis at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad , Karachi. Speaking at the occasion Dr. Zafaryab Hussain Assistant Professor Chest Medicine said diagnosis of pulmonary TB must be done by sputum Microscopy. In case of relapse TB rapid sensitivity for Rifampicin should be done by Gene Xpert, which is available at public hospitals free of cost. Treatment should be followed as per PCS and NTP guidelines and must be followed by DOTS.

Patients and their family members should be forced to take medicines as prescribed by Doctors regularly and for specified period. They should report to Doctor in case of any side effect or adverse reaction. He presented many case scenario and participants actively participated in discussion. He also discussed the changes in guidelines for treatment of TB like Rifampicin and INH should be given in continuation phase for all new cases, all treatment failure cases and default after treatment cases should have Sputum for M Tb culture and drug sensitivity test from reliable labs. Dr. Akbar Ali Sheikh, talked about TB in special situations like Renal TB, TB in pregnancy, TB Lymph nodes and MDR TB.

Public Awareness Session

A public awareness program was also organized At Khuda Ki Basti.Dr. Amir a General Practitioner introduced the speakers and also spoke about tuberculosis. Dr.Tariq Sami, In Charge Chest clinic at Khuda ki Basti talked about TB signs, symptoms and diagnosis. Professor Peter Bailey and Dr. Zafaryab Hussain, answered the quarries from participants. Mostly the participants were worried about TB and pregnancy, why the treatment is for 6-8 months, why it is running in family. Responding to these questions Dr. Zafaryab said the treatment of TB is safe in pregnancy and mother should breast feed the baby. If mother is having active Pulmonary TB baby should get INH prophylaxis. The TB infection is a slow growing organism so long duration of treatment is required. Most of time Tb diagnosis is late and family members are in close contact with the patient and not taking precautionary measures. Dr. Zafaryab also stressed on contact tracing and told audience that they should look for persons having symptoms like fever, weakness, cough and sputum for more than two weeks, or tiredness and bring them to hospital for diagnosis and treatment which is free for all.

A meeting was also organized at the main Campus of Baqai Medical University. Dr. Zafaryab Hussain, in his presentation said as per WHO report 95% of new cases of TB and 98% of TB deaths occur in developing countries. 75% of TB infections and death occur in the 15–54 year age group economically the most productive group in the population, and 26% of avoidable deaths in developing countries are due to TB .Pakistan has been losing the war against TB as only 1 in 5 cases are ever diagnosed and only a fraction of doctors know how to prescribe effective treatment. Drug resistant T.B. is increasing at alarming rate. Definite diagnosis of PTB is by culture of MTB but Sputum smear positivity is enough evidence to start ATT in high prevalent areas. If sputum smear is negative … Clinical history, Chest radiographs consistent with PTB….and if Chest specialist is convinced about the diagnosis then start Tb treatment.

 It was further stated that Pakistan has the 5th highest TB burden globally, 4TH highest amongst 27 high burden MDR cases, Approx 418,000 TB cases (231/100,000)develop in country every year, Approx 683000 TB patients (376/100,000) are present in country at one time, Approx 68000 persons (34/100,000) use to die due to TB every year, 0.3% of new TB cases are HIV+

Dr. Saifullah Beg, Assistant Professor Pulmonology, Dow University talked about TB in special situation like Pregnancy. He said INH, Rifampicin, PZA, and Ethambutol are Safe, No evidence of teratogenecity or congenital malformations. About NursingMothers he said they must continue Mother should cover her mouth during cough particularly if smear +ve

Regarding ATT induced hepatitis he said usually it is present between two weeks to eight weeks. More with fixed drug combination than with split regimen. Mild / transient derangement in LFTs is normal (15 – 20 %)

Major Gen. M.Aslam Pro Vice Chancellor Baqai University was the chief guest on this occasion who welcomed the speakers commended their presentations. Professor Jamil Ahmad, Medical Superintendent, also addressed the participants. (PR)



Pakistan Association of Medical Editors (PAME) in collaboration with
EMAME organized a Capacity Building Workshop for Peer Reviewers at
PMA House Karachi on September 27th 2014. Group photograph taken
on the occasion shows Dr. Fatema Jawad, Dr. Jamshed Akhtar President
and GS of PAME respectively and other facilitators along with the participants.


Photograph taken during a workshop at World Psychiatric Association meeting
recently held at Spain shows Prof. Pichet Udarmatu from Thailand (extreme left)
chairing the session. Sitting on the dais with him from (L to R) are the speakers
Dr. N. Shinfuku from Japan, Prof. Mazhar Malik from Pakistan
and Cheng Lee from Singapore.

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