Speakers highlight benefits

of Robotic Surgery 

KARACHI: Pakistan Society of Robotic Surgeons (PSRS) in collaboration with Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) organized a seminar recently. Speakers in their presentations highlighted the benefits of this surgery. Prof Saeed Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences, who is also the President of the Society, inaugurated the symposium, whereas Prof Adib Rizvi, Director SIUT, presided.

Eminent robotic surgeons discussed variety of issues confronted to present day surgical sciences. They pointed out there are definite advantages which this new technology offers. They said one of the most important feature of the technology is that it has great capacity to work inside the confined areas of human body with accurate precision.

Presenting their experiences, the robotic surgeons from their respective countries said because of its immense merits the robotic surgery is broadly used for treating patients suffering from various cancers including kidney, prostrate, pancreatic, lung and urinary bladder. Keyhole incision, reduced blood loss, less pain and decreased stay of patients in hospital are other important aspects of robotic procedures also readily highlighted since its inception.

The speakers included Dr Khurshid Guru (Chairman Urology Department, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Bufffalo, USA), Dr Mark Slack (Medical Director CMR Surgical, Cambridge UK), Dr Marcus Carey (Head of Uro-gynecology, Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia), and Dr Pritpal Singh (Head of Urology, Robotic Surgery & Kidney Transplant, New Delhi, India). From Pakistan the speakers included Prof Shahid Rasul of JPMC, Dr Nauman Zafar of PKLI Lahore, Prof Mehmood Ayaz of KEMU Lahore and Mohd Arsalan Khan and Dr Rehan Mohsin from SIUT. (PR)


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