DUHS provides cost effective healthcare and
economical medical education
programmes-Masood Hameed Khan

Ramadan helps to keep mind and
body healthy - Senator Haseeb Khan

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences provides cost effective healthcare and economical medial education programs both undergraduate and postgraduate. As such we all should learn to value this country and try to give back something to Pakistan. Currently we are passing through difficult times but this time will also pass, do not be disheartened and get discouraged by the hurdles which you face. This was stated by Prof. Masood Hameed Khan Vice Chancellor of DUHS while speaking in the inaugural session of the symposium on Ramadan and Health held at Dow International Medical College on October 26th 2013. The symposium attracted a large number of Diabetologist and healthcare professionals besides two foreign delegates Dr. Mohsen Nemty from Iran and Prof. Jasem Ramadan from Kuwait.
Referring to the topic of the symposium Prof. Masood Hameed said that it will help resolve some questions and remove certain misconceptions related to fasting and health. Research output from the Muslim world, he further stated, was increasing. From our own institution, the number of annual publications a few years ago used to be forty to forty five which in 2011 increased to over one hundred fifty papers published in national and international medical journals. We all have to leave this world one day hence one should not go to the grave rich with money and knowledge but try to share it with others. The genetics make up of Pakistanis is excellent that is why many of our doctors are programme leaders in the developed world. We just need proper direction and leadership. It is also important that we learn to respect and value humanity, he added.
Senator Haseeb Khan in his speech on the occasion said that Ramadan helps to keep our body and mind healthy. We should learn how to behave nicely and respect every human being which is the teaching of Islam. Over 70% of the diseases are created in the mind and they get spread to other body organs. As such it is important to have a healthy mind, hence we all must behave like human beings and not animals despite having human face, he remarked.
Mr. S.M. Muneer an eminent leader of the business community who was the chief guest on this occasion said that Pakistan was a great country but internal and external enemies are destroying this. Let us stand united for the good of Pakistan. We are Muslims and as it well known that there is only one moon which appears two hours before in some Muslim countries and two hours later in others. Hence I fail to understand why we all cannot celebrate Eid and all religious programmes along with Saudi Arabia. This is something which needs to be discussed and debated, he added.
Prof. Zaman Sheikh Chairman of the organizing committee in his speech said that this symposium has been organized to present local research and data related to fasting and health. We need to do further research in this area which will eventually improve the patent care. There are over two billion Muslims and they want to fast despite suffering from certain diseases. Now it is possible for not only type two but type one diabetes patients to fast under supervision. There are certain guidelines which need to be updated. Prof. Nazeer Khan said that they conducted a study on Ramadan and fasting two years ago and now various studies are planned in patients with type one and type two diabetes.

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