Seminar on DNA evaluation of
evidence at DUHS

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Science (DUHS) organized a Seminar on DNA evaluation of forensic evidence recently. Prof. Saeed Quraishy, Vice chancellor of DUHS in his address commended the organizers for having such an informative session. Prof. Khawar Saeed Jamali, Pro-Vice Chancellor also appreciated the efforts and hoped that such efforts will continue in future as well.
Prof. Farhat Mirza, Chairman, Deptt. of Forensic Medicine, Jinnah Sindh Medical University discussed the non-existent and ethical aspects regarding the collection, preservation and dispatch of forensic evidence for DNA Analysis and the non-availability of facilities in such a huge cosmopolitan city, where the crime rate is rising to its peak.
Dr. Nuzhat Akram, in her presentation gave the detailed discussion of DNA Markers that are being used all over the world for identification purpose. She further elaborated that the reliability of DNA Evidence for the medico legal purposes can only be enhanced by using meticulous techniques and procedures for collection, preservation, handling, transportation and testing biological samples.
Dr. Ramlah Naz, HoD, Forensic Medicine, Dow Medical College-DUHS said that after a decades of unaddressed branch of basic sciences i.e. forensic medicine. Vice Chancellor Prof. Saeed Qureshi has provided a platform to highlight the needs and importance of most neglected subject forensic medicine which has a great value in providing justice to the sufferers. She further stated that this seminar meant to be a blow of fresh breeze in the forensic fraternity. Soon there will be a series of hands on as a productive, informative and constructive session on DNA extraction’ 
Prof. Mukkaram Ali, AMS, Dow University Hospital, DUHS informed that in Pakistan, there is the lack of medico legal services in the country, whereas the other reason of weakness of medico-legal system include lack of forensic laboratory in Pakistan.
During the discussion, medico legal officers showed their concerns as they do not have access to crime scene and evidences found there, they have to rely on what so ever is brought to them and due to lack of the centers and appropriate training the problems are being encountered by the medico legal system to provide justice in time.(PR)

DUHS seminar 
on Hypertension

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in collaboration with Department of Cardiology, Civil Hospital Karachi organized a Seminar along with an Awareness Walk last week to commemorate the World Hypertension Day.
Addressing the Seminar, Prof. Khawar Saeed Jamali Pro VC of DUHS said that the reason for celebrating world hypertension day is to raise awareness about hypertension amongst general public. Although it is a silent killer but being a doctor, it is our responsibility to create awareness about hypertension. He stressed the need to adopt simple lifestyle with regular exercise. He also informed the participants about cardiac facility at Civil Hospital, Karachi.
Dr. Nawaz Lashari, HoD Cardiology Department, CHK said that hypertension initially does not have any symptoms. Patients may present with stroke, coronary artery disease renal failure, etc.. One should know his blood pressure and how to prevent high blood pressure by lifestyle modification, healthy diet, walk up to 30 minutes/Day and minimize routine stress for happy living.
Prof. Nazli Hossain talked about hypertension in pregnancy and stated that about 10 to 15% of patients suffer from hypertension in pregnancy and it has about 6% mortality. Dr. Arshad Ali Shah highlighted the standard technique of Blood pressure measurement. Dr. Ifthkhar Haider spoke about resistant hypertension, diagnostic and management and also describes how to diagnose primary Hypertension by taking history, physical examination and lab test. Dr. Ghulam Abbas also spoke on the occasion. (PR)

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