With Focus on Cognitive Dysfunction

Speakers discuss new Frontiers 
in Depression Treatment 

By Dr. Ali Mufti

PESHAWAR: Depression is a complex disease in which along with mood and other symptoms, various cognitive symptoms are also prevalent but often overlooked. If these cognitive symptoms of depression are left untreated or unresolved, the likelihood of relapse is increased.  This was the theme of discussion during an academic meeting in Peshawar on December 15th 2016. Dr. Ali Ahsan Mufti gave brief introduction about cognitive dysfunction and its importance in major depressive disorder. He also quoted few possible facts about social justice and discrimination going on with mentally ill patients in the world.

Prof Fareed Aslam Minhas, Head Institute of Psychiatry WHO collaborating center Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi was the guest speaker in the session. He highlighted the importance of cognitive dysfunctions in depression and quoted various local and international to support his statements. Cognitive symptoms, he emphasized, are not only responsible for loss of functioning in depression but also during remission placing a significant burden on patients’ professional, family and social lives.


Prof. Khalid Mufti a noted psychiatrist of Pakistan former Principal of Khyber Medical
College being presented Life Time Achievement Award at a meeting organized
by Lundbeck Pakistan here at Peshawar recently.

Prof Syed Sultan, Head of Psychiatry department Khyber Teaching Hospital talked about the tools in the assessment of cognitions in depression and the challenges psychiatrist are facing in clinical settings and measure to resolve them. Cognitive dysfunction associated with depression requires attention during treatment of depression. There is a need for new effective anti-depressant to treat not only depression but also address cognitive symptoms in depression, he stated.

This was then followed by two parallel workshops/group activities in which participants were introduced to different THINC assessment tools. They were also exposed to few questions regarding cognitive dysfunction. One participant from each group was nominated to present the summary of their group deliberations.

Participants of a seminar on New Frontiers in Depression Treatment with special focus on Cognitive 
Dysfunction organized by Lundbeck Pakistan at Peshawar recently.

In last session, Prof. Fareed Aslam Minhas discussed the Pharmacological modulation of cognitive function and introduced the novel concept of Multi modal anti- depressant. New Multimodal antidepressants target cognitive deficits directly by modifying receptors relevant to cognition & by improving depression overall.

In the end a Life time achievement award was given Prof. Khalid A. Mufti the noted psychiatrist for his more than 40 years Services in the field of Psychiatry. Prof.  Khalid Mufti concluded the meeting by sharing his thoughts on the importance of assessment and treatment as a goal of cognitive dysfunction in major depressive disorder.

Prof. Nadeem Rizvi, Prof. Javed A. Khan, Dr. Mirza Saifullah Baig, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Nisar Rao,
Dr. Naseem Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Irfan and Dr. Nausheen speaking at seminar on World COPD / Pneumonia
Day 2016, organized by Chest Health & Education Society in collaboration with Pakistan Chest Society
(Sindh) held at JPMC Karachi on November 16th 2016.

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