Why it is Important to
Celebrate Red Dress Day
Prof. Khalida Soomro

The first Friday in February every year is celebrated as National Heart Health Day. This is supported by the American Heart Association and celebrated in conjunction with, May 5 marked the first Red Dress Day since the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls released its final report in June 2019. On Red Dress Day (5th February 2021).Women across the country should wear dress in red colour to focus specifically on raising awareness of women’s heart disease and stroke risks.

Prof. Khalida Soomro

Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in three deaths in women every year making it the number one killer in women. The good news is 87% of all heart diseases are preventable by creating awareness and education research and by providing resources vital to the cause . In Pakistan, we have started celebrating this day since 2019 after joining the Go Red for Women Program, American Heart Association, by Pakistan Cardiac Society and female healthcare professions by using brightest red lipstick, dress, shoes, or accessory, on Red Dress day. Even though the day gives us the opportunity to wear more of this stunning Red colour, it also focuses on cardiovascular risks and diseases. In line with other heart and soul related themes of the month, National Wear Red Day brings awareness to women’s heart health. Women have been the heartbeats of the home since the beginning, playing multiple roles as mothers, daughters, sisters, counsellors, providers, and protectors. Women shoulder more responsibility now in and outside the home than ever before. As such they need more support in nurturing themselves as deeply as they nurture their families and communities. National Wear Red day is an important first step in giving women the world over the critical heart health information and services they need and deserve.

This day should be celebrated:

  1. By encouraging wellness visits and regular self-care practices outside of doctor’s appointments, we are doing our very small part in making sure our social structure remains strong and thriving.
  2. By wearing, your favourite red dresses shoes, tops, and accessories in order to stand together with their affected sisters and encourage others to take preventative actions for the sake of their heart’s health.
  3. Organizing a Red Party Bring some fun to your wellness goals by hosting a happy hour or dinner party with your friends and family. Serve heart healthy hours d’oeuvres and discuss how you can all support one another in achieving and maintaining healthy hearts. If you are feeling really ambitious, scale up your party and turn it into a fundraiser for the Go Red and the American Heart Association.
  4. By Spreading the Word National Wear Red Day should be share on your social media. Put on your most elaborate red frock, snap a selfie, and let your friends and followers know where they can get screenings, participate in Wear Red runs, and what healthy habits you will practice for your own heart health.
  5. Shopping from office supplies to clothing and jewellery of Red Colour. Shop for yourself or your nearest and dearest.

Good defence of heart health is concise, accurate, and up to date information and resources. National Wear Red Day is on the front lines bringing awareness to women all around the world in practical and accessible ways to bring greater attention to heart disease as a leading cause of death to people. Use the poster, stickers, and social media resources below to promote Wear Red Day. So put on your reddest red — whether it be a lipstick, pants, or your favourite hat — and paint the city red.

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