XX1 World Congress on
Parkinson’s disease at Geneva


GENEVA: The XX1 World Congress on Parkinson’s disease (WCP) was held in Geneva from the 8-11 December 2013. Prof. Arif Herekar was one of the delegates from Pakistan. The congress which was mostly on Parkinson’s disease (PD) and related disorders was very well attended. Scientific highlights included updated information from molecular pathways to updated treatment options in disorders relating to this debilitating neuro degenerative disease of the brain. In addition there were parallel sessions on movement disorders during day time and sleep. The role of dopamine in behavior, autonomic manifestations in PD, neuro psychiatric manifestations in PD and sleep-disorders were presented.
Most recent updates in premotor biomarkers, gene signatures in blood, and protein biomakers in the CSF in PD were brought forward. Some very intricate sessions, eye openers like Prions and prinoids in neurodegenerative disorders were also discussed. According to Dr. Arif Herekar some recent updates like pathological Alpha-Syncline transmission and prion propagation were presented for the first time.(PR)