8th SAARC Psychiatric Federation
International Conference, Lumbini 2014

NEPAL: The 8th International Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation was held at Lumbini from 27-29th Nov 2014 with the theme “Global Peace: To Nurture a Healthy Mind”. The conference was organized by Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal in collaboration with Nepalese Association of Social Psychiatry. The conference was Co-Sponsored by WPA, WASP, WAPR, UCMS, ANBD, AFPA.

Prof S M Sultan, Prof Mowadat Rana and Dr Afzal Javed at Haroon Rashid
Chaudhry memorial symposium at the 8th SAARC Psychiatric
Federation held in Nepal recently.

The event was held in Lumbini and was inaugurated jointly by Prof S.M. Sultan (SPF President), Mr B. k. Panthi (Chief District Officer, Rupandehi) and Mr. Vivekanand (Buddhist Scholar). The chief guest of the conference was Mr B.K. Panthi and Guest of Honour was Vivekanand. Organizing Secretary Dr Sandip Subedi welcomed all the dignitaries participating in the conference during the Opening ceremony.

WPA zone-16 symposium, JK Trivedi Memorial Symposium, Haroon Rashid memorial Symposium, WAPR Symposium, ANBD Symposium, PAN Symposium were the major highlights of the conference along with other symposiums, workshops, Invited lectures, Free papers, Posters, and cultural programmes. Nearly 300 delegates from the SAARC countries and the world representing about 14 countries along with 200 accompanying persons participated in the conference. Dr Afzal Javed who is advisor to this organisation also was a plenary speaker who spoke about Ethics in psychiatry and current directions in the field of Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

Dr. Afzal Javed, Prof. Sultan and some other delegates photographed
at the SAARC Psychiatric Federation held in Nepal recently.

Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal took the opportunity to Felicitate the Pioneers behind the formation of SAARC Psychiatric Federation - Prof. Abdul Malik Achakazi (Founder President), Prof. Roy A. Kallivayalil (Founder General Secretary), Prof. U. C. Garg (Founder Treasurer), Prof. Afzal Javed (Advisor) Prof. Mohan Issac(Advisor).

The Conference was concluded by the SPF President Prof. S. M. Sultan. Significant members of the Organizing Committee Dr. Sandip Subedi (Organizing Secretary), Dr. T. K. Aich (Organizing Co-Chairman), Dr. Manoj Dhungana (Treasurer), Dr. Sanjeev Shah (Co-Chair, Hospitality sub-committee) and Dr. Deependra Gautam (IT official) were appreciated for the hard work by the SPF President Prof. S. M. Sultan during the closing ceremony claiming it to be a huge success.(PR)

Conference in Nepal

NEPAL: The 8th SPF International Conference concluded here recently in the birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini, Western Nepal. Since, this was a SAARC conference, neurologists and psychiatrists from all the SAARC countries represented. This was a three-day conference and was held between the 27th to the 29th of November 2014.  Over a dozen neurologists were  able to update  the participants  in  the conference.

Prof. Arif Harekar and some other delegates photographed during
the Neuropsychiatric Conference held in Nepal recently.

According to Prof.Arif Herekar who was one of  the participants  the presentations were made by neuropsychiatrist on various subjects in psychiatry and neurology. From implementation and monitoring of opioids therapy to global peace and the Buddha’s teaching were highlighted. The Pakistani psychiatrists made several presentations during the congress. Amongst the other topics that were presented included the role of Clozapine in Pakistan, regaining skills through occupation and mental health, metabolic syndrome among psychiatric in-patients and evidence based psychiatric rehabilitation practices.

Pakistan delegation to the conference included Prof. Arif Herekar Dr. Ajmal Kazmi, Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed Dogar, Prof. R.K. Rana, Prof. Afzal Javaid, Prof. Muhammad Shah Alam, Prof. Muhammad Abdul Hamid, Prof. Dr. Nasar Sayed, Prof. Inam Rasool, Prof. Muhammad Sultan, Dr. Kishwar, Dr. Jehanzeb, Dr. Khalid, Dr. Jalil and several others. This conference was a great success which is held once a year in difference SAARC countries. (PR)

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