World Diabetes Day
meeting at SSCMS

KARACHI: Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, organized a seminar to celebrate ‘World Diabetes Day’ recently. Speaking at the occasion Prof. Zaman Shaikh, Director of Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology emphasized the importance of initiating preventive strategies of obesity as early as childhood which is the main predisposing factor to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. He outlined the dietary modifications, such as avoiding food and soft drinks, while including fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, white meat and consuming course, instead of refined white flour. He further stated that diabetes causes 5% of all deaths globally every year. Up to 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable diseases by life style modifications. Increase in prevalence of diabetes is due to population aging, unhealthy diet, sedentary life style and obesity. Diabetes is one of the major health challenges of the 21st century. According to a recent WHO global survey, there are 371 million people living with this disease and 280 million are at a higher risk of developing it. Currently, diabetes prevalence is also alarmingly high in Pakistan as number of patients has surged to 20 million mainly over a period of few years due to mental stress, self-carelessness and ignorance of prevention among the masses.

Dr. Samad Shera, Secretary General of DAP highlighted the fact that the genetic disposition of South Asians to obesity necessitates our community’s education of the subject. He delineated the rationale for a lower cut off value of BMI assessment in Asians; a BMI of more than 25 indicates obesity in this population. “We should shun excessive misuse of electronics and eat less and walk more”.

Group photograph taken at the World Diabetes Day meeting organized by Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes 
and Endocrinology, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, recently.

Prof. Mashoor Alam Shah Principal, Khairpur Medical College, talked about the rising incidence and prevalence of obesity in Pakistan associated with diabetes, calling it the epidemic of “Diabesity”. He suggested avoidance of sugar, oil and ghee, which are generally well liked in South Asian communities.

Prof. Saeed Mahar talked about pre-disposing factors which lead to kidney failure in diabetes like uncontrolled blood sugar, high cholesterol, raised blood pressure levels and smoking. He suggested to check protein levels in the urine at regular intervals to see the early effects of diabetes on the kidneys. Yogi Wajahat, gave some practical tips to reduce body weight. 

Professor Brig. Muhammad Waseem Khan, Principal, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences encouraged various specialists from different fields of medicine to unite on one platform and serve humanity in best possible manner. Dr. Mooinuddin Shaikh, Chairman of Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, also spoke on this occasion. (PR)

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