26th Annual National Neurology Conference

Neurology care is getting importance and
improving -
Prof. M. Saeed Quraishy

Prof. Athar Jawed urges neurologists to conduct research,
publish papers and apply for research grants

KARACHI: There is one neurologist for more than one million people in Pakistan and at present the total number of neurologists are about two hundred. This is not sufficient but fair enough because, in eighties there were only two neurologists in Karachi and throughout the province of Sindh. Hence, it is very encouraging that importance is given to neurological disorders and the discipline of neurology is progressing in Pakistan. These views were expressed by Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, while speaking as Chief Guest at 26th National Neurology Conference held in Karachi recently. The conference was organized by Department of Neurology, Dow University in collaboration with Jinnah Sindh Medical College and Pakistan Society of Neurology.

Prof. Athar Javed, Prof. M. Saeed Qureshi and Dr. Naila Shahbaz speaking at the neurology
conference held here recently.

Prof. Athar Jawed, President of Pakistan Society of Neurology addressing the participants said that, every year, the purpose of organizing a conference in Pakistan is to bring together the experienced Neurologists, share their knowledge and promote the discipline of Neurology itself. He announced scholarships and funding grants for the junior neurologists and faculty members to conduct research, present scientific papers internationally. He also advised neurologists to apply for stoke units grants, fellowships opportunities by fulfilling criteria of Pakistan Society of Neurology. Ten Neurologists from America, Canada, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore and Dubai have so far visited Pakistan and shared the modern ways of diagnosis and treatment methods of various diseases through hands-on workshop.

Prof. Naila Naeem Shehbaz Chairperson Neurology Conference speaking at the occasion emphasized on the need for improvement in neurological services within province of Sindh like creating posts for neurologists at District Hospital level, provision of medicine for neurological disorders in all basic health unit and setting up of stroke unit in at least existing hospitals of Sindh. We have organized numerous workshops and are doing our best to fulfill the needs of society.

Prof Khalid Sher, co-chairperson of the conference stressed the need for strengthening the existing neurology departments in urban Sindh and establishment of satellite neurology centers in rural areas. At the end, Vice Chancellor of Dow University, Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy distributed certificates and Shields to the participants.(PR)

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