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HCPs condemn human rights violations
Indian occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Medical institutions including medical universities, professional specialty organizations and other doctors group all over the country have condemned the human right violations and atrocities being committed by Indian occupied forces in held Kashmir. They have organized special meetings, Walks, protest demonstrations urging the world community to open its eyes and put pressure on the Indian Government to lift the over month long curfew, lift censorship, open communication of Kashmiris with the outside world.

Numerous institutions have also written letters of appreciation to Chief Editors of world renowned medical journals British Medical Journal and the Lancet for writing Editorials on the subject. Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine in particular not only organized a March during its Mid-Summer Conference held at Swat but also organized a Group of Doctors which visited the line of Control and treated numerous patients who suffered injuries through firing from other side of the line of control.

Other institutions organizations who have organized Walks and demonstrations for highlighting the Kashmir cause include Pakistan Medical Association, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Dow University of Health Sciences, KEMU and others.

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