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PMP Reception in Honour
of Mr. Latif Sheikh

KARACHI: Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Professional Medical Publications publishers of Pulse International and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences hosted a dinner reception on October 19, 2016 in Honour of Mr. Abdul Latif Sheikh who retired as Director of Pharmacy Services from Aga Khan University recently after a distinguished service of over thirty years.

It was very well attended by representatives from the Aga Khan University, Pharmaceutical Trade and Industry besides a large number of pharmacists from various hospitals and institutions. For detailed report see next issue.

Prof. Arif Herekar says

Some causes of
Dementia are reversible

KARACHI:  A series of meetings were organized at OMI hospital, the Baqai Hospital, Baqai Medical University recently to celebrate the Alzheimer’s Day. Speaking at the occasion Prof. Arif Herekar highlighted the importance of creating awareness of Dementia. He advised the students not to over label people as Dementias. Dementias, he further stated, are a specific group of disorders that can be primary and also a manifestation of a serious disease. Treatment is always important but in the commonest form of Dementias called the Alzheimer’s disease, there is unfortunately very little to offer as far as medical therapy is concerned. These patients are usually diagnosed late and if they are from a low socioeconomic class then medical therapy is often difficult because even the cheapest form of treatment for Alzheimer's is expensive. However that awareness programs and workshops should form the backbone of training and are always helpful in detecting Dementias early.

Alzheimer’s disease may not have good results because there is a progressive loss of the brain cells called the neurons. He emphasized that early detection of the cause of Dementia was important to delineate the treatable causes of Dementia. Depression and pseudo depressions are not always easy to treat but should be taken care of in the early stages.

He then referred to various causes of Dementias that are reversible. These would include deficiencies of essential constituents of the body like carbohydrates, proteins, micronutrients, electrolytes, which need a regular monitoring and chemical analysis. The Dementic patient needs a lot of neuro rehabilitation and he laid special emphasis on caring for these patients and training of caregivers. These patients must remain social and active as far as possible.(PR)